56 Responses to “3WW LXX”

  1. gautami tripathy Says:

    Ah! So early..


  2. Paul Says:

    Hi everyone, I too will profit by the early post to get my piece in before I go off to classes. And this week Simon’s riding a bit of an emotional helter skelter

  3. Corina Says:

    Okay, my first attempt at 3WW!

  4. Carlos Says:

    Glad to see early morning words! Here’s my contribution.

  5. Norma Says:

    Because this is the day before Jan. 24, this one just bubbled up.


  6. Christy Says:

    an early morning try at using these three words

    thanks bone


  7. watermaid Says:

    This is my first attempt at 3WW and it was quite a challenge to come up with something in a short space of time as I’m such a slow worker.


  8. watermaid Says:

    The link doesn’t seem to work so I’ll try again. tomorrow

  9. paisley Says:

    fun fun fun… here’s mine… hi everyone!!!! happy wednesday…..

    “her descent”

  10. kate Says:

    I was expecting ‘snow’ to be here! Like the words today! I incorporated them into todays post! =]

  11. Clueless Cat Says:

    My first one, too!


  12. Sandy Says:

    Ummmm, a warm breath.


  13. UL Says:

    My delivery


  14. TC Says:

    It’s sad that this is the earliest I remember getting this done in MONTHS and yet I’m still this far behind ya’ll. I should have done this last night when I was trying to not sleep πŸ™‚

    I’ll be by to read everyone’s later!

    Here is The Watch.

  15. pia Says:

    Thanks Bone πŸ™‚ Good words. Keep them up.

    I had a story in mind, and then Suzzane Pleshette died–yes I know Heath Ledger did too, but my story is more “old Hollywood” or rather my impressions of it
    Hollywood Lives

    The words fit right in

  16. pjd Says:

    again I saw “pia” and thought I’d already commented. I gotta start doing this later in the day! Anyway, I guess I was in a bit of a grim mood today.


  17. Marcia (MeeAugraphie) Says:

    I wrote this while Leon paced, ready to go to the laundromat… so it was a quick one.


  18. susan Says:

    Here’s my American Sentence

  19. susan Says:

    Let me try this again:

    American Sentence

  20. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Here’s mine:

    I Will Be Distance

  21. mariacristina Says:

    Β‘Hola chicos! I wrote another 100-word dream/story. Thanks, Bone.


  22. deathsweep Says:

    Hi, Just a short one – and had no access to link code so I just copied the address. Thanks!


  23. sherry Says:

    I loved these words and just decided to have some fun today!!


  24. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks, Bone! Glad to see I have lots to read today!


  25. Serena Says:

    I find it difficult to end my story. It was getting complicated. Hope you find the ending satisfying enough for the thriller. πŸ˜€


  26. Square1 Says:

    I’ll try to visit a few people by tomorrow. I’ve got massive amounts of reading and studying to do. But I will do my best. Meanwhile here’s my Soliloquy.

  27. heather kathleen Says:

    here is mine. great prompts bone!

  28. TC Says:

    While I’m back here finding more more posts to read, I thought I’d point something out. To quote you: “And most importantly, why are they still counting Super Bowls in Roman numerals? I’m sure when it was I, II, and III, it was kinda cool. But I mean, really. In four years, we’ll be watching Super Bowl XLIV? I think it’s time to let it go.”

    Same thing goes with 3WW Bone. Let ’em go. Some of us would like ot know which week we’re in.


    (And if anyone wants to join the petition to get him to stop with the nonsense, it’s on my blog.)

  29. Tammy Says:

    The snow keeps covering up my dish! Here is my contribution called “The Date.”


    Thank you!

  30. pia Says:

    TC Bone thinks in roman numerals for 3WW. Yes he thinks in ordinary numbers for most other things, but 3WW is Roman numerals and he would have to translate them into regular numbers and as Bone is all about time management, he can’t stand the thought of taking the time to translate what should be apparent to the rest of us–roman numerals

    If you understood the above you have known either Bone or me too long. The first not-annual Bone Roast was just about a year ago
    Please read Tammy’s post. I was having my 4PM feeling very sorry for myself self-roast when I read Tammy’s post, and her beautiful words took me away from myself. Second week in a row. Thank you Tammy

  31. pieceofpie Says:


  32. Herb Urban Says:

    I almost forgot it was Wednesday. Here is my little rant about the madness of HDTV and our misplaced priorities.


  33. TC Says:

    Pia: I KNEW you would answer my comment to Bone about roman numerals. 😎

    And yes, that made sense… if not for the fact that prior to moving 3WW to wordpress, he would alternatre on (almost) an every other week basis between roman numerals and good old fashioned numbers.

  34. Ingrid Says:

    Here is mine: http://boricuaintexas.blogspot.com/2008/01/three-word-wednesday-not-poem.html

  35. TC Says:

    And I hate it that my eyerolls gurn into smiley-faces with glasses. Seriously. I’m not wearing my sunglasses at night, I’m rolling my eyes.

  36. Herb Urban Says:

    Ack! My webhost server seems to be done again. I should hopefully be back up soon.

  37. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Sometimes it pays to get out of bed. This really happened and it just made my day! Somehow, I think this is the last time it will ever happen.

    My entry

  38. Christy Says:

    one more time


  39. Xinh Says:

    Took me a good part of my day to go through everyone’s entries and they’re fab!
    Here is mine.

  40. WriterKat Says:


  41. ThomG Says:

    OK, I tried something a little different; an exercise. I want to know if it worked or not. Check out my 3WW – comments and critiques welcome – at http://www.thomg.blogspot.com/

  42. ratanaong Says:

    Life’s Little Challenges

  43. Richard Says:

    I’m on the road so don’t know if I’ll get time to think the three words through, but here are four words: Keep the Roman Numerals! Roman numerals are useless except for the occasional crossword puzzle answer, and maybe copywrite dates, though I’m not really sure on that one. Bone is doing the world a service keeping a near-dead form on life support. And for those of us on the border of the United Snakes of Alzheimer’s the mental exercise can’t hoit.

  44. Barbara Torris Says:

    I love this site…the prompts are amazing. I am late but hope you enjoy.


  45. kate Says:

    hey bone… where do you post? here or your other site… guess I really should check there for a post b4 commenting… although its late and I have already typed this… so i am pressing enter!

    Happy weekend friend! Got Snow? just wondering…

  46. Clare Says:

    Hi folks! Here’s a bit of summer in chilly January:


  47. lissa Says:

    my attempt
    the chase

  48. Barbara Torris Says:

    Here is my piece for this week. This one is so nearly true that I cannot call it fiction.


  49. Tag Says:

    lol so I went from being one of the first few over break to the very very last…. πŸ™‚ oh well. here it is.

  50. a blogger Says:


    For some reason this made me think of not remembering to brush my teeth.

  51. leigh lear Says:

    My first contribution, nothing special.

  52. Pyracantha Says:

    What if you are an artist and you want to contribute drawings inspired by the Three Words rather than writing?


  53. To Life « This Girl Remembers Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday prompt: approach, bottle, smooth […]

  54. thisgirlremembers Says:

    I’m late to the party, but I’ve got one for this week – http://thisgirlremembers.wordpress.com/2008/01/30/to-life/

    Thanks, Bone, for the prompt words!

  55. Heather Says:

    Yes, late, but…


    Those haiku don’t write themselves, you know! πŸ™‚


  56. Sayle Says:

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