The Super Bowl and Three Word Wednesday, keeping Roman Numerals alive…



51 Responses to “3WW LXXI”

  1. Paul Says:

    Short but I’m afraid not very sweetthis week. And those of you who didn’t read last week’s episode, it may be a help doing so.

  2. Clueless Cat Says:

    Right here:


  3. watermaid Says:

    Here’s mine, which is also a mirrored refrain.

    the warden’s daughter

  4. deathsweep Says:

    First thing that came to mind


  5. UL Says:

    Mine is here :

  6. gautami tripathy Says:

    This is based on something I observed a while back:

    bag and baggage

  7. Norma Says:

    Only one revision after my first draft.


    I’ll be stopping by. . .

  8. pri Says:

    here is my contribution…


  9. Square1 Says:

    The Day Approaches for me quite quickly.

  10. ratanaong Says:

    Greetings! My impromptu contribution.


  11. charlottalove Says:

    His approach was so smooth that despite using his teeth to open the bottle, I still was intruiged.

  12. Rose Dewy Knickers Says:

    Something very different from me. A short story called “Big Man on Campus” about teenage lust and the consequences.




  13. sherry Says:

    I always love to write about what I ‘know’ — did this in one take!!


  14. pia Says:

    I wrote something quick and depressing

    TC–I look at the words. The numbers are inconsequential to me. When I do, I just convert–into ordinary numbers. So I really thought all of them were iin Roman numerals. it’s such a Bone thing to do

  15. pjd Says:

    my haiku approach
    could drive you to the bottle
    smooth poetry? NOT!


  16. Meera Says:

    A fairy-tale love…


  17. ther Says:

    Here’s my contribution for this week.

    Message In The Bottle

  18. Write From Karen Says:

    As the Super Bowl approached, I put down my bottle of Corona, looked at my watch and smoothed a hand over my hair to hide my bored expression.

    It was going to be a loooong night.


  19. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Smooth-Running Water

  20. whypaisley Says:

    hi all … happy wednesday… when you read my entry,, please feel free to click thru and leave a comment… you’ll see what i mean…..

    “an invitation”

  21. Penelope Anne Says:

    Had a writing in process for today, but was able to sneak these in with another verse….

  22. pia Says:

    I wrote a story last spring that happened to have two of the words in it. I added the third

  23. Marcia (MeeAugraphie) Says:

    I love Roman Numerals as long as they aren’t too involved. Loved these words!

    Scotch came to mind: Hopscotchng Through Life

  24. pia Says:

    I can’t seem to leave comments on Blogger blogs–only have the open ID option–or the ones that I tried do.

  25. pia Says:

    I can’t seem to leave comments on Blogger blogs–only have the open ID option–or the ones that I tried do.
    And WP keeps going through “routine maintenance”

  26. watermaid Says:

    I found that I could leave comments on Blogger blogs. There is a drop down menu, which you can click, and then you can put in your nickname and blog URL. Hope it works.


  27. pia Says:

    Thanks 🙂
    It was working until today. I could leave a comment on one blogger blog, but no others. The clickable drop down menu seems to have disappeared–at least for me–I began with the first comment and was working my way down

    I don’t expect comments as I can’t comment.

  28. a blogger Says:


    Final Fantasy also uses them!

  29. Tumblewords Says:

    I’m still stuck in winter warp and wine.

  30. mariacristina Says:

    Happy Wednesday!

    I wrote a 100-word story. Thanks, Bone!


  31. Leonard Blumfeld Says:

    Here’s my inspiration:


  32. mariacristina Says:

    I just wanted to assure everyone I’ll be by tomorrow to read. I’m tired from teaching. Time for bed!

  33. Barbara Torris Says:

    The Waiting Room for Heaven RV Resort/Trailer Park confuses the young people at the rebate center.


  34. Mike McCulley Says:

    A short poem about the incident at Turpin Lake

  35. Paul Says:

    It seems for some reason that my original comment has not appeared on the site. So I’m putting it up again. As I mentioned the first time this week’s episode is short but not very sweet.

  36. gautami tripathy Says:

    Pia, I visited you!

  37. Christy Says:

    here’s mine


  38. leigh lear Says:

    Not sure this one is complete, but I gave it a go.

  39. ThomG Says:

    Pardon my tardiness; all is explainer here:


  40. xinh Says:

    An Ode To Sleep

  41. LittleWing Says:

    another great week of words… as always challenging and fun… RedWine

  42. Michelle Johnson Says:

    Hello everyone~ I’m a bit later then usual but, here’s my offering “prayer flag” if you would like to stop by. Have a nice night.

  43. polkadotwitch Says:

    i don’t think i’ve ever done 3WW before! but i’ve been meaning to. i got a couple pieces out of this prompt. here’s the shorter one.

    i password protect all the poetry on my site. email me art [at] polkadotwitch [dot] com for the password if you don’t already have it. i use the same one every time so you’ll only need it the first time.

  44. Richard Says:

    Could be because I’m in LA; or because I’m reading the Inferno; or because I just celebrated 22 clean and sober. Could be all three. Here’s


  45. Heather Says:

    Again with the Haiku?

    I wanted all the words in one haiku this time.




  46. lissa Says:

    here’s mine


  47. WriterKat Says:

    These Prison Walls


  48. WriterKat Says:

    Here’s my DH’s first crack at 3WW:


  49. TC Says:

    OK, so I caved. I’m blaming it on my niece who for some reason has decided to be one of Eli Manning’s youngest fans. Go figure.

    Regardless, it might be written Super Bowl XLII, but it’s said Super Bowl forty-two, over and over and over. So perhaps you should just change it to always incorporate both? For those of us who really are roman numeral illiterate and don’t care about learning them at this late date.

    I’ll be around to read everyone’s sometime before Wednesday 🙂 Here’s mine: Dawn’s Approach

  50. jixsheeds Says:

    hmm… attractive ))

  51. wrariawislace Says:

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