Notice anything new?

We now have a 3WW blogroll! Thanks to Pia, who volunteered her services and did that over the weekend.

If you’re not on the blogroll and would like to be added, just leave a comment to that effect.

This week’s words are:



54 Responses to “3WW LXXIII”

  1. Paul Says:

    After all the recent excitement things are calming down somewhat in Gensdouce. But as Simon finishes up his course, he’s a lot on his mind.
    And thanks Pia for the blogroll.

  2. gautami tripathy Says:

    Thanks Bone and Pia for the blogroll!

    And Bone, I had ranted and raved on my blog. Your 3 words just fit in. Thanks for not letting me sweat it out!

    Questions are like whirlwinds with no answers

  3. Justin (truefaith1963) Says:

    A brief untidy verse as I’m running out of time!
    Darn you two were quick – you must have pre-baked yours!
    Neat job on the blog-roll Pia


  4. leigh lear Says:

    this one wasn’t easy for me, not sure i like it at all.

  5. Square1 Says:

    Wonderful blog-roll, Bone and Pia! Thank you.

    With today’s prompt I recommend Being Content With Little.

  6. Richard Says:

    Thanks to Pia, and I hate to be a nudge, but could I have my blogroll URL changed to:


    which is the index rather than an individual offering?

  7. Rose Dewy Knickers Says:

    Thanks Pia. You did a great job. One change for me please. Remove Brian as he’s not me. πŸ˜€



  8. Myrtle Beached Whale Says:

    This is my first visit to 3WW. I apologize in advance for my submission, but it is the first thing that came to mind from those prompts. I would love to be added to the blogroll


  9. clockworkchris Says:

    Just for Fun
    Pia I am back-Add me please!

  10. Meera Says:

    Not much of a post… Yet! And yeah, Thank you Pia & Bone for the roll! That’s a bang up job!!

  11. pia Says:

    Thanks. Will make the changes.
    It was Bone’s birthday present πŸ™‚

    I think we established a three time rule, but since you live in Myrtle Beach and I’m moving there…I will ask Bone and should hear something…..

    A night and day in the life

  12. Marcia Says:

    Pia, thank you for the blogroll! Bone, thank you for allowing her to do it for you!

    This week was fun, Reality Check

    I’m still trying to catch up on my reading!

  13. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Nice blogroll!

    Hopeless Rivalry

  14. Pia Says:

    OK I made the changes. Anymore just ask

    Did have to beg, beg, and beg some more to do this. As a recovering linkwhore I appreciate the value of a blogroll in blogging

    Also believe this to be a great community and would like to thank Bone for beginning 3WW and persevering. I know this wasn’t easy, and think it’s amazing

    In the beginning I could never be counted to do it on a Wednesday–so would call it 3WW on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday even

    Now I try to comment on Wednesday but can’t always as I’m really moving….

  15. Rose Dewy Knickers Says:

    Thanks Bone for all that you’ve done to create such a great prompt every week.




  16. deathsweep Says:

    Here we go! In agreement with Rose, thanks for the prompts!


  17. TC Says:

    I waited oh-so-(im)patiently for words all morning to do this: seriously Bone, can you figure out which Wednesdays I’m going to be bored at work and get on this? O:) Of course, once they were finally up, I had work to do.

    I’ll be around later to read ya’ll!

    Try me

  18. Sherry Says:

    I liked these words..Not very “Valentiney” but sometimes love just “isn’t” all hearts and flowers…thanks for the blogroll Bone & Pia!! It’s great.


  19. charlottalove Says:

    He said his GIRLFRIEND was from Paris. I IMAGINED her with an accent but when I met her, she had a SLIGHT southern drawl. Turns out she is from Paris, Texas.

  20. Tumblewords Says:

    Happy Wednesday!


  21. pia Says:

    As my first entry was long, I wrote a quick second one
    Gonna Win PCH

  22. mariacristina Says:

    Thanks for the blogroll, Pia, and Bone! It’s impressive to see all those names up there. Some people have very funny names for their blogs.

    Here’s my post. A short prose-poem kind of thing.

    His first kiss

  23. Norma Says:

    This one wrote itself. I’ll be stopping by to see what you came up with.


  24. xinh Says:

    Hey Pia! Will you at me to the blogroll? http://www.heavenly-creatures.net/xinher. thanks!

    Also, my contribution to this week’s words will be up later tonight (can have the blog showing that I was blogging during work hours ya know!).

  25. Write From Karen Says:

    I’m not going to have time to participate this week (so ya’ll don’t have to visit me if you don’t want to *grin*), I just wanted to say THANKS for adding me to the blogroll. Thanks for taking the time, Pia!

  26. paisley Says:

    happy wednesday to every one… heres my contribution….


    bone, thanks loads for the add on the side bar… but, my site is called …why paisley???


  27. Sherry Says:

    Hi Pia, just checked myself on the blogroll and mine goes into my art blog, not my writing journal…

    mine should be:



  28. lissa Says:

    my attempt here

    Thanks Pia for putting me on the blogroll.

  29. Barbara Torris Says:

    I just don’t know how these stories happen. Enjoy


  30. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Just sitting here feeling a little bit sorry for myself tonight because of a stupid mistake I made. I can’t help it but my feelings have to end up in a poem before I can move on. Thanks for supplying this outlet!

    Love the blogroll!

    My entry

  31. mariacristina Says:

    Hi, I’ll be back tomorrow to read. I had to work all evening.

  32. Christy Says:

    Here is mine


    will try to visit everyone over the next day or two

  33. heather kathleen Says:

    theraputic prompts to be sure!

    i was so excited to see my name on the blogroll! thank you bone and pia!

  34. WriterKat Says:

    Nice Roll! Here’s mine & DH’s


  35. Xinh Says:

    holy cow is my previous entry full of typos! how embarrassing!

    Pia, thanks for adding me. Just one correction. It’s Xinh with an X. πŸ™‚

  36. UL Says:

    Mine is really late today, but here it is

  37. Mad Kane Says:

    Hi. I’d love to be on your blogroll. (You’re already on mine.)

    Mad Kane’s Humor Blog


  38. pia Says:

    Thank you all.
    I made the changes–Xinh I was staring at your name as I wrote the “Z”.

    Bone deserves much credit for consistently coming up with great words week after week after week. Though after all this time I still find it strange to thank somebody named “Bone.”

    I hope to comment on the blogs I missed this weekend

    Happy Valentines Day!!!!

  39. ratanaong Says:

    Greetings. My piece on “first love”.


  40. Sandy Says:

    Here is my Valentine Sensual Senryu…well, maybe not so sensual. πŸ˜‰


  41. ThomG Says:

    Whoosh, pardon my tardiness. I’ve got the crude. Thanks Bone for keeping the words flowing and thank you, Pia, for the blog roll entry. Very kind, very kind indeed.

    Here you go:


  42. Heather Says:

    Hmmm, not sure how I did with this one.



    PS – Would LOVE to be on the blogroll if I am deemed worthy!


  43. a blogger Says:

    Hope (for a moment)

  44. watermaid Says:

    Here is my rather late offering – prose for a change.


  45. Imagined Slights (Two Haiku) » MAD KANE'S HUMOR BLOG Says:

    […] in response to 3 Word Wednesday’s Prompt — “Girlfriend, Imagined, Slight.”Β  I prefer the first one, even though it’s missing one of the three […]

  46. Mad Kane Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve written two
    imagine slights haiku.

  47. pia Says:

    This is a great day to ask to be blogrolled as I’m walking on air–my newest post explains it all

    I will try to comment on the posts I missed when I come down to earth

  48. Red Says:

    I’d like to be blogrolled tooooo 😦

  49. pieceofpie Says:

    hello… DeepSeaFishing

  50. amarettogirl Says:

    This is my first time too. Can I be added to the blog roll?? I want to play! πŸ˜‰

  51. Laane Says:

    Can I be added too?

  52. veens Says:

    I have been on vacation,
    so I did this today

    read it http://myimaginationinthisworld.blogspot.com/2008/02/disha.html

  53. ratanaong Says:

    Titled: “Don’t Just Believe It, Do It”
    Here’s the link >>> http://presentrat.wordpress.com/2008/02/21/3ww-punch-t-shirt-unravel/

  54. Jo Anne Says:

    Hi Bone! I would love to be added to the blogroll…also, how do I got about locating the site button as I would like to add it to my blog. Thanks!
    Jo Anne

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