74 Responses to “3WW LXXVII”

  1. Rose Dewy Knickers Says:

    A poem called “The Locket Containing Memories Of You”.




  2. charlottalove Says:

    My numb fingers began to unpack the apartment. Why hadn’t I called the heating company before I moved in?

  3. gautami tripathy Says:

    I had posted this piece yesterday. It already had two of the words. I just added the third one and reposted.


  4. gautami tripathy Says:

    Maybe I should write something new?!


  5. Christy Says:

    here it is , bright and early this week


  6. Red Says:

    Charlottalove: haha, looove it!

  7. Red Says:

    My first husband

  8. anthonynorth Says:

    A short short story for you this week:

    Doing Wrong

  9. deathsweep Says:

    Was there really no other way out?…………..

    “The girl’s a nut”

  10. 3WW - Headed South : MeeAugraphie Says:

    […] changed it up, no not meaning writing a happy carefree poem… I combined two challenges. Bone’s 3WW words: -Apartment -Began […]

  11. Marcia Says:

    These words were perfect! I combined them with 7 other words in another prompt.

    Headed South

  12. pia Says:

    Happy almost Ides of March

    I’m updating the blogroll today. I see two people who should be added, I think.

    If you want to be added and have participated–leave a comment. Thanks 🙂

  13. Paul Says:

    After last week’s disaster there’s a surprise in store for Simon.

  14. Square1 Says:

    A Personal Essay about Fictional and Factual Fragmentation.

  15. pjd Says:

    lonely apartment
    brain numb from daytime TV
    began my haiku

    today’s effort

  16. rel Says:

    Word for the day: hypocrisy!
    Be careful which apartment from where you begin to thaw the numbness .


  17. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Apartment Life

  18. pia Says:

    I’m not back to form yet. Can’t seem to write fiction. Can’t seem to write about anything but one subject–hope to be able to really write soon
    Last Look

  19. Sometimes Things End « This Girl Remembers Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday prompt: apartment, began, numb […]

  20. thisgirlremembers Says:

    Hoo boy, Bone, what the words you choose each week do to me!

    Sometimes Things End

  21. paisley Says:

    the words this week were but a dream….. thanks bone!!!!

    white satin shoes

  22. Leonard Blumfeld Says:

    Here’s A story of numbness.

  23. pjd Says:

    Drat, for some reason my earlier link didn’t work. Here’s the actual URL:


  24. 100 words: The Power of the Numb Mind « Mariacristina Says:

    […] 3WW: apartment, begun, numb. […]

  25. mariacristina Says:

    Hey Bone, and everyone else!


  26. Strum « Steer Forth! Says:

    […] The outcome of three words  (apartment, began, numb) from 3 Word Wednesday and experiencing what this is […]

  27. Solitaire Says:


    I posted this short story last month but the words seem to match perfectly with it!

  28. leigh lear Says:

    great words, here’s mine


  29. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks, Bone and Pia – Here’s mine…

    Wednesday Fib

  30. pia Says:

    3WW is Bone’s alone. I just do the blogroll. Bone deserves all the credit for building this up over the last year and half–and always finding incredible words

  31. Write From Karen Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how three little words can evoke a story out of nowhere?

    The Doctor is Human After All

    As usual, this was partnered with a writing prompt from Write Stuff

  32. niebla Says:

    Apartments … time … fate

  33. Apartments … time … fate « niebla | fog Says:

    […] Written using the words apartment, numb and began from 3 Word Wednesday. […]

  34. UL Says:

    I apologize I havent had a chance to come around to everyone…but I hope to soon.


  35. the aahhh spots « Zouxzoux Says:

    […] we discovered each other’s aahhhh spots and we owned them isn’t that how we began so long ago you lightly touched my back and i stumbled against your arm then you stood facing me, your face so close – so agonizingly close- that my mind went numb and your hot breath flowed over my neck making every nerve in my body burn for your lips there, here, anywhere, everywhere and so…….. the apartment in the treetops where our hands joined our lips on and in the aahhhh spots Three Word Wednesday […]

  36. zouxzoux Says:

    My first entry


    I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s.

  37. Laane Says:


    You can find my entry here:


    Enjoy your day!

  38. Dinner For One - DrBacchus' Journal Says:

    […] For OneMarch 12, 2008From the Three Word Wednesday website – Apartment, Began, NumbThere’s nothing poeticabout an apartment.Sure, there are times whenit feels like a home awayfrom […]

  39. Rich Bowen Says:

    Here’s mine:



  40. Linda Says:

    Here’s my entry for the week,
    Posted there, with tongue-in-cheek:


  41. lissa Says:

    Here’s mine:


  42. noahthegreat Says:


  43. TC Says:

    I’m going to try and get around to some yet tonight, then I’ll do some tomorrow night. I sincerely doubt I’ll have any time during the day tomorrow, but I will make it around to read everyone’s eventually: it just might take me longer this week.

    14 Franklin Street, #2B

  44. Amarettogirl Says:

    i’m so sorry that I’m running late!! This is my third time participating (maybe now I can pretty-please be put on the blogroll!!) I’m going to try to see as many people as I can in the next two days since I’m getting ready to travel abroad for 12 days starting this Sat. and I may miss (hopefully not) the next couple of 3WW’s – but BONE please keep visiting my site – your visits have been awesome!!
    As for this week’s writin,g I don’t know what took me over – I even weirded myself out!

    Titled: The Elder’s Grimoire

  45. pia Says:

    If anybody has participated three times and isn’t on the blogroll, please leave a comment. I have been distracted the past couple of weeks

  46. 3WW: Loving By the Book « twentysomething and clueless Says:

    […] 3WW words: apartment, began, numb  […]

  47. Clueless Cat Says:

    At first I didn’t think i’d have anything to say using those three words, then came Loving By the Book: http://twentysomethingandclueless.wordpress.com/2008/03/13/3ww-loving-by-the-book/

    (And I’m not on the blogroll and have participated more than 3 times – please add me when you’ve got the time! http://twentysomethingandclueless.wordpress.com Thanks.)

  48. WriterKat Says:

    Here’s our contribution. Great words!

  49. Lighthouse Writing Tips Says:

    A Weekly Writing Prompt

    Get a weekly writing prompt of three words every Wednesday at Three Word Wednesday. This week’s prompt is: Apartment, Began, Numb. See an example of how to play at Write from Karen: The Doctor is Human After All.

  50. laane Says:


    Please put me on the blogroll.

    Laane on the World


  51. Pam Says:

    Here is my offering this week, Downsized

  52. ThomG Says:

    Hey kids, check it out:

    Indentured Servitude

  53. Jane Says:

    Here is my attempt…

    The Void

    Have a great week and weekend everyone!

  54. Jane Says:

    Hi Pia, I’d love to be added to the blogroll, I think I’ve participated three times now.



    Jane’s Writing

  55. Jane Says:

    Hi Pia, I’d love to be added to the blogroll, I think I’ve participated three times now.



    Jane’s Writing

  56. TC Says:

    There are a couple of you with wordpress or other hosted blogs that require people to be signed in to comment: I was not able to leave comments on those posts. You’re free to leave them like that if you choose, but just know it does keep some of us from commenting even if we read.

  57. gautami tripathy Says:

    I agree with TC. If the blogs are closed how does one comment?

  58. Anu Says:


  59. rebecca Says:

    A very brief view on New York’s current scandal du jour:

    Oh, Governor!

  60. Barbara Torris Says:

    Etta and the compartment!


  61. Barbara Torris Says:

    I found the closed blog today when I went to Jeff’s blog. He has evidently committed to Window’s Live and you need to register to leave a comment. I did not do it although I think it would have benefited both of us.


  62. xinh Says:

    A day late, but my entry is up at my blog.

  63. The Phantom Says:

    I decided to do mine in my first attempt at a villanelle: Numb

  64. Hiren Says:

    Here’s my attempt for this week …
    “http://happyhiren.blogspot.com/2008/03/chai-time.html” ….

  65. Meera Says:

    Hats off to Mr.Bone, the celebrity!! Just LOOK at the number of 3WW converts!! 🙂

    Anyway, Here’s my piece…an untitled poem – a medley of 3WW, Friday 5 & Sunday Scribblings – poem after a short hiatus – any help with the christening please?

  66. Sherry Says:

    I’m late this week – which fits well with what I crafted today!!


  67. LittleWing Says:

    wow… lots of posts to read… another great week of challenging words…

    Mr. Newton

    dear mr bone, because of the duplicity of “littlewing” in the blog world can you please drop little wing and list me as only piece of pie ala mode. There’s another gal who has been little wing and our posts and reponses are getting mixed up…. thank you ever so much

  68. ratanaong Says:

    A bit late, but still here’s a little of my thoughts.

  69. Jo Anne Says:

    A very late response, but a good one…at least I think so…would love feedback!

    Jo Anne


  70. Jane Doe Says:

    Hello. I am starting a blogroll on my writing blogs of writing prompt sites and was wondering if I could post my link on your list.

    Jane Doe

  71. AuraGem Says:

    Who knows if anyone will see this posting of mine! But I am just loving writing poems to the 3 word prompts. It’s great fun anyways.



    P.S. This is my 3rd Posting! Yahoooooooo! I can ask to be on the blog roll!

  72. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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