3WW #78




57 Responses to “3WW #78”

  1. Redness Says:

    3 Words that apply to a certain ???

  2. Rose Dewy Knickers Says:

    Hi everyone, this is an economic satire called “Bears and Bull”.




  3. Paul Says:

    Things have been going pretty well for Simon at the espace loisirs but suddenly he finds himself asking What’ wrong?

  4. UL Says:

    Here is mine, a little early – nice words Bone


  5. gautami tripathy Says:

    Tangled in the world of money, he barely understood finer emotions..

  6. heather kathleen Says:

    wonder what’s on my mind??

  7. Ingrid Says:

    It has been a while. Here is my entry for this week.


  8. gautami tripathy Says:

    Now for that longer piece:

    arched architecture

  9. pri Says:

    heres my contribution—

  10. pia Says:

    Mine is a political story–fiction and very dark. I don’t want to write dark but today’s a dark day for America


    I will be commenting later.

    If anybody has been participating for three weeks and wants to be blogrolled please leave a comment

  11. Clueless Cat Says:



  12. Leonard Blumfeld Says:

    Here’s a little story: She’s been misunderstood.

  13. anthonynorth Says:

    A short story of inevitability today:

    Money For Old Rope

  14. Sherry Says:

    Fast and easy today! Thanks Bone!


  15. pjd Says:

    Hey all, happy Wednesday. Good words (again), Bone. But that only left me ten syllables to work with. 🙂


  16. pia Says:

    I wrote a short short story as I’m really not in the mood to depress myself or others
    a href=”http://courtingdestiny.com/archives/2008/03/19/3ww-bone-little-nibbler-three-word-wednesday/”>Looking for love

  17. pia Says:

    Here’s the link I hope
    Looking for love

  18. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Cowrie Shells

  19. Write From Karen Says:

    Inspired by a very bad idea.

  20. Barbara Torris Says:

    Taking history in context. These three words invite editorials.


  21. Jane Doe Says:

    Hello! I hope everyone is having a great week. Here is my short story for this week.

    ‘Til Death Do Us Part

  22. whypaisley Says:

    the words this week, took me on a dreamy little trip to chicago

  23. Tumblewords Says:

    Mine for the week…thanks!

    3WW Haiku

  24. Marcia (MeeAugraphie) Says:

    Money Thoughts, though I probably should have titled it Frustrated Ramblings.

  25. Red Says:

    Grrrr! Bankruptcy

  26. mariacristina Says:

    Hi! Here’s my link: my response to Barak’s speech

    I’ll be back to read later! I scanned the titles- there are some intriguing ones to read!

  27. Jo Anne Says:

    Here is mine…took some liberties with a word change..hope I didn’t break a rule!


    Pia and Bone…can I please be added to the blog roll? Thx

  28. lucy Says:

    ooh blog roll? Can I be counted in as well?


  29. pia Says:

    I’m Bone’s Personal Assistant. He won my services in a secret auction. So secret I wasn’t aware of it. Bone says it’s true and he’s a man of honor. 🙂

    One of my responsibilities is keeping the 3WW blog roll. The rules are simple: you must have participated at least three times.

    I didn’t participate for several weeks and have been kind of out of it–usually I have an incredible memory for who has participated.

    If you want to be added leave a comment stating that you have reached the three week mark

  30. tangle « Zouxzoux Says:

    […] Inspired by Three Word Wednesday. […]

  31. zouxzoux Says:

    My entry:


  32. rel Says:

    “and in that sleep, what dreams may come….”



  33. J.C. Montgomery Says:

    Here is mine:

    Simple Things

    (BTW – this is my third time participating)

  34. Leonard Blumfeld Says:

    Hi Pia,

    please add me to the blog roll as well.

    I’ve participated 3 times (see this) so far and plan on keeping it up!

  35. Myrtle Beached Whale Says:

    Here is my humble offering.

  36. lissa Says:

    Here’s mine


  37. laane Says:

    It was tempting to write a blog about money…
    but I didn’t.

    Great words, I hope I’m doing them justice:


    Have a great day!!

  38. noahthegreat Says:


  39. WriterKat Says:

    Taking the Plunge


  40. On Satisfaction « This Girl Remembers Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday prompt: money, tangled, understood […]

  41. thisgirlremembers Says:

    Got to it late in the day this time, but here’s mine!


  42. Anu Says:

    Here’s mine


  43. sage Says:

    mine’s up:


  44. ThomG Says:

    OK kids, just finished up. Stop on by – and wish me a happy birthday. I’m 45 years old.

    Mumbles Finnegan

  45. ratanaong Says:

    Titled “About John”

  46. gautami tripathy Says:

    Paisley, I am having problems loading your page.

  47. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Here’s a Haiku

  48. pieceofpie Says:

    hrz mine TroubledFreedom

  49. lifedoesntimitate Says:

    This is my first 3 Word Wednesday. I decided to do a first draft of what will probably become a five-minute sketch I’ll perform on stage. I hope you enjoy!


  50. WriterKat Says:

    Here’s my husband’s take on 3WW:

  51. Bone Says:

    Here’s mine: Indisposable

  52. The Phantom Says:

    My third 3WW: Wounded Mosaic

  53. Jodi Cleghorn Says:


    This is my first time here – and I’m really really late. I’m not in the habit of writing poetry – but this one leapt out at me.

  54. Veens Says:


    Here is mine :- http://myimaginationinthisworld.blogspot.com/2008/03/tanha.html

  55. TC Says:

    I’m really, really late this week, but I will get around to reading everyone else’s. It just might take me a few days to do so 🙂

    I hate you

  56. Image&VerseToo Says:

    Dark History

  57. AuraGem Says:

    Here is a very late response, but just loved the combination of words!

    Money Tree


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