3WW #83


This week’s words are:



53 Responses to “3WW #83”

  1. Leonard Blumfeld Says:

    Picture reflected stop – thanks for the enigmatic prompt!

  2. Rose Dewy Knickers Says:

    If there’d not been a picture taken that day of the girl reflected in the plate glass window then my stop would have been insignificant. But when developed in black and white, the picture revealed much more than the eye had seen. As I reflected on her face I decided to stop and returned, picture in hand, to ask for her hand in marriage.



  3. Red Says:

    Loved these words … I put them to good use. Thanks!
    I have no title for it, though

  4. 3WW - Word Power : MeeAugraphie Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday rocks! Look at the words Bone chose: Picture – Reflected – Stop. Are they not the coolest ever? Word Power […]

  5. Marcia Says:

    My favorite words ever! Thank you, Bone. And not a sad one this week!

    Word Power

  6. charlottalove Says:

    The sun reflected off the still pond. I took a moment to stop; to be still. Before I left, I took mental picture.

  7. charlottalove Says:

    The sun reflected off the quiet pond. I took a moment to stop; be still. As I turned to leave, I took a mental picture

  8. paisley Says:

    i was working on something,, and this just fit right in… thanks bone!!!!

    its simplest form

  9. anthonynorth Says:

    Here’s mine. Enjoy:

    Window On Death

  10. pjd Says:

    hole cut in picture
    memories reflected pain
    when will the tears stop?


  11. ther Says:

    here’s my take on this prompt.


  12. TC Says:

    Are you happy?

  13. Michelle Johnson Says:

    Hello Bone! Here’s mine~

    “Lick Fork of Jenny’s Creek”

    Hope everyone’s having a nice day.

  14. rel Says:

    A combined post using today’s words in a sestina done for last Monday’s Monday Mural for Poefusion.
    My first attempt at a sestina. 😦



  15. rel Says:

    Good day writers,
    Today I’ve combined the words from today’s 3WW with a sestina I posted for Poefusion’s Monday Mural.
    It’s my first try at a sestina, and more work than I like. Not sure if it’s poetry or not. 😦

  16. UL Says:

    Here’s my attempt. I loved the words. Went well for my thoughts.

  17. Barbara Torris Says:

    Etta’s sister? A story about love.


  18. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks for the prompt!

    Haiku and Fractal, Too

  19. Revelations « This Girl Remembers Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday prompt: picture, reflected, stop Read Write Poem prompt: oil and vinegar […]

  20. thisgirlremembers Says:

    Thank you, Bone, these words were just what I needed. First poem in a while:


  21. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Been doing some spring cleaning (Ugh!) but decided to take a break and write a poem.


  22. Tammy Says:

    A Pantoum attempt.


    Happy Wednesday!

  23. tiptoewrites Says:




  24. Write From Karen Says:

    Have a seat, let’s talk.

  25. noahthegreat Says:


  26. Just someone Says:

    … an attempt, nothing exceptional…


  27. 3 long weeks « Zouxzoux Says:

    […] 3 long weeks Bone’s prompts for today’s 3WW are: Picture, Reflected, Stop […]

  28. Xinh Says:

    Here is my contribution.

  29. pia Says:

    College was The end of the world

  30. Amarettogirl Says:

    Hey all,
    great words!

    Here is mine entitled, The Devil Followed Me Home


    Thanks for the feedback!

  31. Jujee Says:

    Attempt # 3 to post:


  32. Jujee Says:

    Attempt # 5 to post link:


  33. Medhini Says:


    Here is mine titled ‘Deja vu’. i enjoyed working with these words.


  34. ThomG Says:

    Lots going on in The Tension, but I just can’t let that stop me from three great words. It’s short, but hopefully speaks. Thanks, Bone, for these.


  35. ratanaong Says:

    Greetings! Here’s my contribution.

  36. pri Says:

    just wanted to share todays experience 🙂


  37. Poses at Hopi Point « niebla | fog Says:

    […] the 3WW #83 words stop, reflected and […]

  38. niebla Says:

    The 3 words woven into a chance encounter at Hopi Point.

  39. lissa Says:

    here’s mine


  40. Xinh Says:

    Slow Thursday at work means I got to read all the entries so far and I have to say good job to everyone! And thanks to everyone for visiting my site.

  41. WriterKat Says:


  42. veens Says:

    My contribution!


    have a good weekend ahead everyone!

  43. Laane Says:

    Bussy life, slow internet…
    I’ve made one entry for the last three weeks.

    You can find it here:


    Enjoy your weekend!

  44. sage Says:

    I’ve been scarce around here lately. I keep gettin’ too busy, but this week I did have time to write a reflection on a painting. Check it out: http://sagecoveredhills.blogspot.com/2008/04/three-word-wednesday-prairie-is-my.html

  45. pieceofpie Says:

    gotta lotta catchin up to do… will be back to view others later awake

  46. Gemma Wiseman Says:

    Once again I am way late. But I still enjoy writing to these prompts.

    Stop! Drink the Moment!


  47. Jane Doe Says:

    I’m a bit late, but inspiration has been eluding me lately. Here is my poem.

    Paper Tears

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  48. san Says:

    this is my first post here.
    am i supposed to sign up somewhere or can i just leave a comment?

    here it is


  49. Delph Says:

    Hello! This blog is really nice! Is it okay if I post here too? I’m not sure I used the word “picture” correctly but here is my try :


  50. lucricausa Says:

    Further prompted by Degas’ Blue Dancers:


    Thank you…

  51. J.C. Montgomery Says:

    Glad to be back….here is mine.

    Clearly Blinded

  52. Bun Bun Says:


  53. hai huoc Says:

    I think the admin of this site is really working hard for his site, for
    the reason that here every material is quality based

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