28 Responses to “3WW XCVII”

  1. ThomG Says:

    Oh, wow, first. No pressure there.


  2. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in this post:



  3. Rose Dewy Knickers Says:


    A special report from Dewy Knickers on her way to Beijing for the Summer Olympic Games.



  4. gautami tripathy Says:

    Hope you like my thoughts:


  5. paulfr Says:

    With the wedding date planned, it’s time for Morgana to meet Simon’s family as together they go back into the past for an Irish Holiday.

  6. Redness Says:

    Missed participating – think I used one too many … drat!

  7. bun bun Says:


  8. Barbara Torris Says:

    Edith and Buzzard are becoming a bigger part of the story. Another chapter but a stand alone short read.

    “A conversation with the Langleys was hard enough….” Edith and Buzzard are very simple people. 🙂

    I have decided that writing a collection of stories is like eating an elephant. When you look at the whole thing it seems impossible but when you take it one bite at a time it is very doable. I am going to find out. I am doing one or more chapters a week for the next year. If you would like to join me on Saturdays I would like that.



  9. pjd Says:

    a haiku gamble
    for temporary pleasure
    no words omitted


    these were tough this week, bone! But good.

  10. deathsweep Says:

    Here you go…

    “Twenty Seven Red”

  11. pia Says:

    I loved the words. Really didn’t have time to do it and the triteness of the dialogue reflects that
    Temporary Measures

    Be around later or tomorrow!

  12. TC Says:

    Wow, I’m super impressed by the fact that ya’ll could make these work for you so well. My brain is obviously fried, as I couldn’t get anything to form from these three except the following sentence. I’m looking forward to reading what everyone else came up with 🙂

    I took a gamble and failed, but you failed to mention if my being omitted was temporary or not?

  13. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    There will be No RSVP

  14. Caroline Says:

    These were tough this week. Here’s my contribution, untitled

  15. ravenswingpoetry Says:

    My offering for this week:



  16. Lover’s E-mail Exchange « Raven’s Wing Poetry Says:

    […] disappointment This sedoka was written for the Three Word Wednesday prompt. This week’s words: omitted, gamble, and temporary. […]

  17. Daily Panic Says:

    Of course, gambling made me think country! I’m southern!

  18. pieceofpie Says:

    ahhh, confessions of a wanna be writer… weightless pages

  19. paisley Says:

    seems like forever since i have been here … but it still feels like home…..

    see you all this afternoon….


  20. Joyce Says:

    Here is my offering . . .

  21. lucy Says:

    short and stupid.. but this is the best I could do!

  22. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks again for the site and the prompt – I hardly did it justice, but…


  23. lissa Says:

    here’s mine

  24. Saoirse Redgrave Says:

    I actually used mine in the 3rd section of my TextNovel (“Of Storms, Seas, and Pirates”–a somewhat more magical interpretation of pirate Anne Bonny’s early life).

    I think this will successfully link you to the right section–you can vote on the TextNovel thus far, but I don’t think you can truly comment there (from what I understand). Hmm. Wanted to give it a try anyhow. 🙂

    Anyhow, here’s mine (it’s technically the third section of this WIP)…

    Thanks(in advance) for stopping by and if you get a chance to read the whole chunk I’ve gotten started, I’d be thrilled. 🙂


  25. Gemma Says:

    A little crazy this time! But love trying something a bit different!

    Temporary gamble omitted?

  26. Lenore Says:

    Late, as usual. Liked this one, it reminded me of being young and at one of my favorite places again.


  27. UL Says:

    …and mine is here..

  28. ratanaong Says:

    Mine’s up


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