32 Responses to “3WW CVII”

  1. paul Says:

    Back home from Ireland and just weeks before his wedding Simon is whisked off to prison. But why?

  2. gautami tripathy Says:

    Here is mine:


  3. Judy Says:

    I’m up… after a long long absence.

  4. thommyg Says:

    A nugget of an idea that came during my morning walk, fleshed out – as is often the case – in the shower. Again, let your friends know about 3WW, let’s keep growing – and comment. We all need to feel the love.

    Night Creatures Union 763

  5. bawdywench Says:


    Good morning y’all around the world. πŸ™‚

  6. Rose Dewy Knickers Says:


    Please feel free to add to my story in the comments. What do you think happened?

  7. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    It’s a Cereus business.

  8. TC Says:

    Judy: Your blog always freezes my computer for some really weird reason. The last couple of times you participated I’ve tried to read and comment and haven’t been able to. I did manage to read your short piece this week, but then had to restart everything. Seems like those words were perfectly chosen for your piece: well, well done.

  9. Bone Says:

    Love the words this week, Thom. I may have to try and write something with those.

  10. Fledgling Poet Says:

    Here’s my try.


  11. pieceofpie Says:

    thanks thom them words are talkin back… feelin the love today found

  12. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks for the prompt and the site!

    The Fall of Dark

  13. quin browne Says:

    a fancy feast


    (someone please let me know how to make a link… thanks!)

  14. quin browne Says:


    thanks to travelin’ chica!

  15. Ashleigh Says:

    Here you go.

  16. Angel Says:

    Here’s mine for today:

    Bloom of Death

  17. Linda Jacobs Says:

    I liked these words! Thanks. 3WW

  18. ~willow~ Says:

    Hi, this is my first time participating πŸ™‚ click here for my 3-in-1.

  19. Purple Houses Says:

    Here’s mine:


  20. J.C. Montgomery Says:

    It seems like forever since I have participated. Hmmm, another week and I think it would have been official…LOL

    The Apprentice

  21. Richard Says:

    RAAT ki RANI

  22. Angelica Says:

    Still Learning

  23. Nickers and Ink Says:


  24. lissa Says:

    here’s my take
    the wait

  25. lissa Says:

    here’s my take
    the wait

  26. pri Says:

    here is my contribution to the prompt πŸ™‚


  27. Gemma Says:

    Here is my repsonse!

    Jaded Time

  28. Delicate jaded night « niebla | fog Says:

    […] to involve delicate, jaded, night from 3WW. Three words that proved to go great with my l’arm moyant mood of late. Avoid that jaded night! […]

  29. Forever Lost « Write Todays Weblog Says:

    […] 17, 2008 by writetoday 3WW Prompt is Delicate Jaded […]

  30. writetoday Says:

    Here is my post to this weeks prompt.

  31. susan Says:

    Sorry for my absence. It has been hectic. Hope you’ll check out my submission, a little warm death.

  32. Scrawler Says:

    I am delicate as an angel…
    Yet,i fade each and every sec…
    For I’m jaded with
    Blades around my world..
    I scurry and hunt for panacea…
    Alas! all In vain…
    And i’m awake at night…waiting
    To get over the tunnel journey…

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