54 Responses to “3WW CXXV”

  1. floreta Says:


    part I of II:

    part II is still unwritten (coming soon).

  2. Sepiru Chris Says:

    My offering of haikus is here.

  3. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in the poetry chain of this post:



  4. gautami tripathy Says:

    I kind of attained nirvana:


  5. Jeeves Says:


  6. Rose Says:

    Three short questions today.



  7. bawdywench Says:


    My recent posts have been nonsense sentences but I have a reason. Words are just that, words, the meanings are created and utilized by people when they communicate. Words are as much shackles as they are wings.

  8. Paul Says:

    As enigmatic as ever this week’s episode is entitled
    The Beginning of the End.

  9. Winnie the poohi Says:

    My try 🙂 click on my name 🙂

  10. Brian Says:


    For everyone who has asked recently how I’m doing.

  11. Jas. Marshall Says:

    Haiku – “Spring Lesson”

    Click on my name to see it.

  12. ande parlow Says:

    the eagle has landed

  13. ande parlow Says:

    oops it landed at


  14. noahthegreat Says:


  15. ThomG Says:

    I’m down with a nasty cold, but will be visiting as I can.

  16. Fledgling Poet Says:

    My humorous attempt:


  17. Crystal Says:

    I did a short flash fiction this week. I feel like a dork now!

  18. lucy Says:

    very short poem
    about being very sore.

  19. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    A collection of haikus, beginning with Candid Camera

  20. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    All is nicely dull at the drive-in until Ricky notices that some of the band members have gone missing. Going demon-hunting when he could be snuggling with the sexy guitar player is just not in Ricky’s plans.


  21. jjdebenedictis Says:

    My haiku can be found at:


  22. pjd Says:

    let’s be candid, ‘K?
    your impulse is not to click.
    don’t risk it, honey.


  23. Purple Houses Says:



  24. Vicki Says:

    Here’s Mine

  25. Pretty Prats Says:


  26. Pretty Prats Says:

    my try !! (linked)

  27. Pretty Prats Says:

    i mean linked to my name !!

  28. Christy Says:


  29. Daily Panic Says:

    Happy 3WW!

  30. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks, ThomG – Hope you are feeling better – spring colds are miserable…

    Clean and Repeat

  31. lissa Says:

    here’s my

    wandering under a starry night

  32. angie Says:

    My try at these 3! (feel better, Thom–tea with honey)


  33. Amarettogirl Says:

    feel better Thom – should make you smile that your words were so delectable so many have posted!
    mine is entitled:
    crashin’ crush

  34. Amarettogirl Says:

    Here’s my piece, been having trouble posting,…it’s entitled:
    CRASHIN’ CRUSH, (since crash was last week)

    it’s short and silly!, enjoy…


  35. Just Someone Says:


  36. Tina Says:

    Here’s a little something I cooked up in thirty minutes:


  37. Jeeves Says:

    Yet another poem


  38. TD Says:

    American sentences, again. I like this medium…


  39. Tabitha Says:

    My first attempt at TWW: http://just-tabitha.blogspot.com/2009/02/tonight-i-briefly-reacquainted-with-old.html

  40. quin browne Says:


  41. Megha Says:

    Here’s my piece of writing

    A Big mistake she made –

  42. rebecca Says:

    Simian Love? based on current headlines.

  43. ThomG Says:

    I know, I know. About time. But I’m a little better and after a hot bath, will be stopping by for some good reads.

    Mine came out particularly black.


  44. Redheels Says:

    Glad you are feeling better. Hope you will feel like stopping by.

  45. despair « swEet eScaPe Says:

    […] 19, 2009 in response to pain and to 3WW’s prompt: candid, impulse, risk apropos of the destination of our conversation, he asked me, and […]

  46. bitchyangel Says:

    tried something crazy today.. despair

  47. Meena Says:


    Tried yet again!

    I am more happy with this one!

  48. susan Says:

    <a href=”http://blackeyedsusans.blogspot.com/2009/02/3ww_19.html”Another Day On The Jobcontinued

  49. susan Says:

    Another Day On The Jobcontinued

  50. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Here’s a Naisaiku I’ve been fiddling with.

  51. watermaid Says:

    This is part 2 to what I wrote last week. I will try to make a story by adding successive chunks of 100 words, using the prompts.

  52. J.C. Montgomery Says:

    I felt pretty inspired, and not just with this weeks prompts. I thought I would also try doing it in only 58 words. Hope you don’t mind the tribute. It was so much fun, I might just do it again.


  53. ladygarfield Says:

    I hope you like what I came up with:


  54. Heather Says:

    Better late than never? And these three words couldn’t have been more perfect for what’s been on my mind this week!

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