51 Responses to “3WW CXXXIII”

  1. Paul Says:

    A study in hostile setting for my little piece today. You can find it here.

  2. Jeeves Says:

    First time first


  3. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in this post:



  4. pjd Says:

    Easier to post early from Europe than from California!


  5. KJ McLean Says:

    First time here! I opted for a minimalist approach.


    Thanks for the challenge!

  6. Sweet Talking Guy.. Says:

    Thanks for the prompt Thom

    Here’s mine:


    Partly inspired by Lou Reed

  7. thommyg Says:

    And mine is here:


    I’ll be out for a visit as time allows. Hope you all get a chance to see (and comment) on each-other’s work.

  8. Pretty Prats Says:

    Yippe !! I am so on time this time !!

    My Post : Can it be real (hyperlinked to my name too)


  9. Pretty Prats Says:

    My post hyperlinked to my name. Click on it !!

  10. Fledgling Poet Says:

    Here’s mine:


  11. gautami tripathy Says:

    A true story:


  12. heather kathleen Says:

    back after a sabbatical….could you update my website link on your blogroll?

  13. J. Mendur Says:

    I have a new website. I’ll post this poem there later. For now:

    The Return – a haiku
    by Mendur

    The allure of spring –
    birds with vivid plumage perch
    on cherry blossoms

  14. MG Says:

    Here’s mine:


  15. floreta Says:

    it’s been awhile for me. but i have a submission this week! 🙂


  16. noahthegreat Says:


  17. Christy Says:


  18. Daily Panic Says:

    A Love story

  19. Sepiru Chris Says:

    My 3WW for the last three weeks is found here…

  20. Larry Says:

    my first is at http://www.lifewithoutclots.blogspot.com/2009/04/three-word-wednesday.html
    hm…need more stimulant to get thinking this early.

  21. Megha Says:

    Here’s mine…a poetry..

    Slipping into Haven…

  22. Just Someone Says:


  23. pia Says:

    I’m back Prequel to meeting Jeffrey

    I’m still renovating and have some errands to do but I will comment tomorrow morning

  24. Just Someone Says:

    previous comment wasn’t published…

  25. Angel Says:

    Here’s mine:


  26. quin browne Says:

    better late than never:


  27. For 3WW « Song of my life Says:

    […]  Written for : 3WW […]

  28. Winnie the Poohi Says:

    An haiku and a poem 🙂


  29. Oh they lie with their eyes! « Song of my life Says:

    […] for Naisaiku Week IX and also 3WW Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Asked to write…and hence I wroteBird and […]

  30. Courting Destiny » Blog Archive » 3WW–allure, perch, vivid: A prequel to meeting Jeffrey Says:

    […] is for this weeks 3WW Totally forgot to put it in! Me bad I always start the story of Jeffrey and me with the day we […]

  31. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    A word from the Fisherman’s Wife

  32. Tumblewords Says:


    Flash for 3WW

  33. ande parlow Says:

    i did it

  34. pieceofpie Says:

    another day salvation

  35. b Says:

    Her knight in shining armor…a perfect fit!


  36. susan Says:

    Quirky as usual. Here’s mine: Hoping She Didn’t Knock Me Up

  37. lucy Says:

    thanks Thom
    wishing everyone a good weekend ahead

  38. TD Says:

    American Sentences in the midst of an exhausting evening…


  39. Crystal Says:

    I finally got mine up! I’m a day late, but life happens, sorry! Enjoy!


  40. MichaelO Says:

    Perch, to me, means fishing! A little late on my submission, I was a away from the computer for a few days.

  41. Gillian Taber Says:

    Haven’t had a lot of time this week so my offering is short but sweet (I hope) http://mojosstorycorner.blogspot.com/

  42. Tan Says:

    This is my entry for this week. Hope you like it.

    Thus Wrote Tan!

  43. Linda Jacobs Says:

    A day late! These words brought back a memory I never wanted to remember.

  44. lissa Says:

    don’t know what I was thinking but here’s my piece

    ghosts of the evening streets

  45. Melanie-bd Says:

    Late as always.

    my poem


  46. Nabila Says:

    A simple sorry.
    this is my first attempt at 3WW. Hope this adhere to ur 3WW requisites.

  47. Nabila Says:

    A simple sorry.
    this is my first attempt at 3WW. Hope this adhere to ur 3WW requisites.http://decipheringtheunknown.blogspot.com/2009/04/simple-sorry.html

  48. Leonard Blumfeld Says:

    Back from Italy

  49. harsha Says:

    I am late this time,but was out of station.
    My try with spooky stuff



  50. ladygarfield Says:

    i am late…….. as usual.


  51. Mia Says:

    hi newbie entry here: http://miasbed.blogspot.com

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