56 Responses to “3WW CXXXIV”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in this post:



  2. gautami tripathy Says:

    Here is mine:


  3. Jeeves Says:


  4. susan Says:

    Here’s mine,An Age Old Tale

  5. Sweet Talking Guy.. Says:

    thanks Thom, here’s mine:


  6. Paul Says:

    Fun and games touring the country on holidays.

  7. susan Says:

    Please try this link

    An Age Old Tale

  8. harsha Says:

    And I am here


  9. sudharm baxi Says:

    Very nice words ThomG,
    here is my take on them..


  10. thommyg Says:

    Wow, lot’s of early risers (or should I say many residents of the world’s revolving time zones?)

    Mine is up:


    Don’t forget to keep checking back here all week, as people continue to contribute well past Wednesday. I’ll be by for what I know will be some good reads. Please help your fellow 3WW participants by stopping by as well and leaving comments. We all win when we review the work.

  11. ladygarfield Says:

    thanks for prompt… here’s mine:

  12. Crystal Says:

    Hey Thom! Thanks for more great words. Mine is up at:


  13. Christy Says:

    for earth day


  14. Daily Panic Says:

    Break-ups SUCK.


  15. lucy Says:

    Thanks Thom..
    I have NO idea HOW your prompt triggered this true memory!

  16. Heart of a Ready Writer Says:


  17. ande parlow Says:

    I just finished mine. Enjoy!

  18. Myrtle Beached Whale Says:

    It’s been a while since I have participated. I hope you get a chance to stop by and see my contribution.

  19. pia Says:

    Prequel to meeting Jeffrey: part two

  20. Amy Says:

    My first 3WW! Here’s mine at :

  21. gigidiaz Says:

    Short and bitter sweet!


  22. Larry Says:

    Oh, this is painful; the things that come up.
    see http://www.lifewithoutclots.blogspot.com/2009/04/three-word-wednesday-for-april-22.html

  23. pia Says:

    OK here goes. I was one of the original participants in 3WW and think
    ThomG deserves our thanks for keeping it going so well.

    I’m also wondering about commenting. It’s a given that some people can’t
    comment some weeks for various reasons but…

    3WW is supposed to be an exercise in which participants comment when they can on other blogs where the blogger participates.

    I comment four or five times on a person’s blog and if I receive no
    comments back have to assume the blogger thinks my writing not worthy of their attention. Blogging isn’t a one way street.

  24. MichaelO Says:

    Thanks Thommyg, for this weeks trifecta. I go where they take me, and this weeks words left a bitter taste for me:


    In sensitivity to Pia’s comments, I try like hell to read up on all. Sometimes my commitments won’t allow it. I have tried at minimum, to reciprocate with those who have commented on my blog. If I missed anyone so far, my apologies. I’d like to add that I like to make my comments substantive as I can. I personally prefer one honest critique over 10 obliging niceties. But that’s just me. Quality over quantity. Hoping to read yours this evening, everyone!

  25. pia Says:

    I didn’t mean to come off snippy, arrogant, etc and apologize if I did. I haven’t been participating much in the past year or so as I was moving and couldn’t focus on commenting and don’t think it fair just to write

    I’m trying to decide if 3WW has become a vehicle for poets and I shouldn’t participate anymore.

    I do believe that a blogger is part of a larger community and as such has to give back even if it’s just a comment. again I’m thinking out loud and don’t expect every participant to comment every week

  26. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Indulge Me

  27. MichaelO Says:

    Pia, I don’t think your apologies are necessary. Thom addressed this very topic just a couple of weeks ago and I think your concerns are valid. I have wrestled with the idea of just writing to the prompt without posting here, if I felt I couldn’t fully participate. Still food for thought. I’m new to 3WW, but I hope my writing poetry won’t discourage what you write. I was happy to discover your writing here and would continue to look forward to it. : )

    PS: I didn’t think you sounded snippy or arrogant.

  28. ThomG Says:

    This discussion thread is very good to have – and is exactly why I wanted to continue 3WW in Bone’s absence. That we can be creative – poets, fiction writers and those who write essays and nonfiction – and come together for a common theme. Three little words, use them as you see fit. I’ve seen poets kick out some terrific flash fiction pieces; I’ve seen essayists pop out a poem that sings.

    It is about crafting something – making Earth a better place by just by participating.

    I do know that some people feel like their not qualified to critique someone’s work. I felt that way years ago. But if you give an honest assessment of what you’ve read – what you like, what confused you – you are being honest. And honesty is the best policy.

    Besides, if no one comments, no one grows.

    (And I will step off my soapbox now.)

  29. Just Someone Says:

    Here’s mine

  30. Angel Says:

    Here’s my little story for the week:


  31. Amarettogirl Says:

    I tried something different from the poems and fiction in honor of Earth day, hope you enjoy!


    please let me know! and Happy Earth day!

  32. Amarettogirl Says:

    and Thank Thank THank You ThomG!!!!!!! I look forward to read AND commenting on all!!!!

  33. Gillian Taber Says:

    Mine’s up at the usual spot. I’ll do my best to get around to everyone’s blog. I admit to it falling down my to-do list sometimes but I try :))

  34. blisshappens Says:

    I have NO idea if I’m doing this right, it’s my first time submitting a comment, as well as this being the first cyber community of writers I’ve ever interacted with. I was blessed to have Pia’s blog find its way to me, which I have found inspiring and welcoming.

    So, here goes. Brave today am I!


  35. pia Says:

    I didn’t mean this is as for me or my blog in p;articular but 3WW and all blogging exercises, blog roles and other things are rare opportunities to see communities in formation and this is a subject I could talk about forever…

  36. b Says:

    Let’s indulge the old people…after all we are all hoping we will be old someday.



  37. lissa Says:

    here’s my take – a short story
    the oath

  38. Nickers and Ink - poetry and humor Says:


  39. Lisa Says:

    This is a great idea! Brilliant. Here’s my first attempt.

  40. TD Says:

    I haven’t written a story in a while. I got this idea from a piece in The Sun.


  41. Scatterbrain Says:


  42. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    Poor Ricky. It’s bad enough he’s under contract to a band of demons, but now the werewolf crew is threatening to go on strike.

    Werewolf Strike, Part One

  43. Sriharsha Says:

    Hi all,
    The debate that ensued had reaching effects.
    One should comment as it itself is a great source of inspiration to fellow bloggers.
    But being in the thick and thin of our work,there are times when we are unable to..
    And as far as the idea of 3ww being a place for poems only-is something I wont agree to.
    I have seen here the most varied stuff one could come across,let it be fiction,memoirs,proses,haikus,stories,poems and a lot more.
    I am pulled to 3ww only because how a simple set of 3 words on a simple wednesday bring the most varied prespective from different writers.
    I just love the diversity.

    Thanks ThomG.
    Coz 3ww is the only reason I wait with baited breath on every wed evry week.
    And thanks all for such wonderful creations.
    You simply make my day

  44. gautami tripathy Says:

    And I missed the debate?

    Here are my two penny worth:

    I have been participating in 3WW for a long time now. Lately I have not been a good visitor or commenter. But I said that on my blog that March and April are kind of busy for me. Academically, I sometimes find time constrains.

    I am a poet. I see myself like that. That has not stopped me from writing non-fiction posts for 3WW. As ThomG would say, I also have written book reveiws using the words. Is it not upon us how we give in to our creativity by making use of the 3 words? Be it in a poem, flash fiction, non-fiction, or a novel/novella if one writes that. Anything.

    Yes, I strongly believe that many of us have been brought together because of 3WW. FRom places we otherwise won’t know.

    And whatever we write, why should that stop us from reading others? I love the flash fictions posted for 3WW. I enjoy the Haiku. You name it, I love it.

    Pia, I always read you in my google reader even if I don’t come and comment.

  45. noahthegreat Says:


    I’m not a good commenter. I do read a lot of poet’s work, though.

  46. noahthegreat Says:

    I tend to do Fiction in 58’s, because I thought they sounded unique, and I stole the idea from thommmmmmy gggggg.

    If I made my own, it would be a poem/fiction in 42 or 6 x 9 in base 13.

  47. pia Says:

    I really didn’t mean to begin this debate. Maybe I did, but the fire here (no lives lost, many acres destroyed) kind of put things in perspective

    Nobody should expect everybody to comment every week. But I know that I would comment and comment and comment and feel…wow, once I wrote well–now. Or maybe it was my lack of “blog socializing” which men seem to be immune from but women are expected to do and I couldn’t

    The sad part is that you become reliant on comments. It’s the only “payment” a blogger receives.

    I didn’t care but I heard so many complaints and saw so many bloggers not posting a new post until they got 20 or more comments.

    I would be reading one person’s post and in comments another person would be singled out as “a great writer” etc, and really it was because of the amount of comments

    I know I’m difficult to comment to. My writing has never lent itself to comments.

    In person I’m soft spoken and assertive in a nice way. Few people believe I’m a New Yorker. It’s only in blogs that my fangs come out and again I apologize if I made anybody uncomfortable

    Thom thanks again for keeping 3WW and for encouraging dialogue. I think 3WW can be the most valuable exercise because of it

    My soap box just collapsed 🙂

  48. one call « swEet eScaPe Says:

    […] one call for 3WW […]

  49. bitchyangel Says:


  50. Mendur Says:

    a haiku

  51. susan Says:


    I’ve said as much as well. I understand that we have lives and obligations. But here’s the deal: if you drop a link, then make time to comment to others. When there are 30 plus links shared each week, nobody should have less than 5 comments.

    And when did we stop the practice of linking back to the original prompt? Linking back makes it easier to access another post to comment to.

    There are some participants who fail to acknowledge commenters on their own blog and don’t see to bother leaving their own island to comment to others.

    I don’t think you’re being unreasonable. Give and get. And would it kill any of us to go beyond the call and simply comment even on week’s when we don’t post a contribution of our own?

    Commenting is the only way to let a fellow blogger know you’re reading them and encouraging them. Tracking stacks is not the same as interaction.

    I’m glad you spoke up, Pia. I thought I was in the minority and wrong for saying something previously. You were neither snippy nor arrogant.

    Everyone might not be comfortable giving a critique but we all can say what we like and if you don’t like something and are uncomfortable saying so then consider asking or question or admitting something did quite work for you.

    There is inherent vulnerability and risk in writing and sharing it. But if you’re participating in a group activity, I think it’s fair to assume you’re interested in growing as a writer or at the very least, willing to accept that some readers won’t gush over your work.

    Anyhoo, thanks Thom and thanks Pia for speaking up.

  52. susan Says:

    Well, despite all the typos, I hope I was clear. lol

  53. Pretty Prats Says:

    Tried something new !! click on my name to read the post 🙂

  54. Larry Says:

    i like how 3ww has a direct view into my life and picks what words I need to explore.

  55. Nabila Says:

    here is my entry The deceit


  56. An american sandwich… « Catawampus me!! Says:

    […] written for : 3WW [ prompted words are italicised ] Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)God Bless […]

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