38 Responses to “3WW CXXXV”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in this post:



  2. Sweet Talking Guy.. Says:

    Hi Thom, thanks for the prompt, I made a cool discovery, whilst researching for this piece.
    Here’s mine anyway:

  3. Jeeves Says:


  4. American Sandwich - 2 « Catawampus me!! Says:

    […] Written for :3WW […]

  5. Kristy Says:

    Here’s mine – first time trying this…


  6. thommyg Says:

    You will find mine here:


    And I’ll be by to see what’s cooking a bit later.

  7. floreta Says:

    i’m trying something different this time:

  8. gautami tripathy Says:

    This time I had to force myself to write:


  9. Myrtle Beached Whale Says:

    mine is up

  10. Gillian Taber Says:

    Mine’s up. A strange little bit of nonsense but I have no control over my fingers ;0) I’ll get round to everyone’s as soon as I can.

  11. noahthegreat Says:

    I think I know what my next novel is going to be. RADDDDDD. Thanks!

    Customer service

    I’m not sure anyone would want to read it, but my job at customer service definitely has laughs.

  12. pjd Says:

    a quarrel with time
    an opportunity lost
    now out of service


  13. Sriharsha Says:

    Late at a busy day.Till evening nuthing came in ma mind till she seemed to go away …



  14. Larry Says:

    Sigh…Again, it brings things to light that I still need to work on.
    See http://www.lifewithoutclots.blogspot.com/2009/04/three-word-wednesday-for-april-28.html Sigh again.

  15. Hal Johnson Says:


  16. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Looks like some Troublemakers

  17. Kristy Says:

    Thanks for those of you leaving comments – as I’m new I was wondering if anyone would care to let me know about the ‘etiquette’ for this site… is the idea to limit yourself to positive comments? does anyone welcome suggestions… what should I be doing for you?? Different groups want different things…

  18. Amy Says:


    Kristy-I’m new as well, this is my second week. You bring up a good question and I’m curious what the regulars have to say.

  19. Tumblewords Says:


    Shadorma and American Sentence for 3WW

  20. ThomG Says:

    Kristy & Amy,

    The idea is to grow as a writer and to tell others what you like and disliked about their work. A critical eye is always good. But remember, we’ve writers from around that worlds and for some, English is their second language.

    But, by all means, read with a critical eye.

  21. Just Someone Says:

    A feeble attempt at

  22. Angel Says:

    Here’s mine. A short one this week.


  23. lucy Says:

    I am NOT a real writer.. but hope I can play each week Thom!

  24. blisshappens Says:

    not sure I like the ending, but here’s mine…


  25. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Here‘s mine. Thanks, Thom!

  26. Nickers and Ink Says:


  27. Leo Says:


  28. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    Ricky tries to reason with the head of Maelstrom’s crew in Werewolf Strike, Part Two.

    Also, the band is having a virtual concert this Saturday, so drop by the Maelstrom site for music, video, pictures, and a chance to hang out with the band. Hope to see you there!

  29. Rashi Says:

    Here is mine


  30. Lisa Says:

    There are either 20 postings from me trying to submit this or I’m blackballed 🙂


  31. susan Says:

    Here’s mine: I Am Cretian, I Am Male And I’m Having Your Baby!

  32. Sriharsha Says:

    Hi all,
    Retouched my work after all the suggestions.
    Do check and let me know if it is worth the attempt.
    Wud catch up wid u all soon.


  33. Mendur Says:

    It’s a little late but click on my name
    to see “Fatal Distraction”, a haiku that’s
    a little bit on the dark side.

  34. pieceofpie Says:

    it’s been awhile… something is brewing… chicken noodle soup

  35. zuri Says:

    I am not a real writer too. But I hope you like what I write on the spur of the moment. When I read the words posted here, I know that instant what I am going to write about, though it’s not nearly as good as other people here. You guys rock.


    Can someone please tell me how dya create this link thing? Thankyou.

  36. utopianfragments Says:

    for the qustions before, i join ThomG, a good critic is alwaysneeded in the process as growing as writers and as being.
    Zuri, i can identify with you, but give yourself some more critic….
    thank you everyone for sharing your words and feelings, hope to contribute something soon…

  37. Story Teller Says:

    Hi Friend, the TaT Contest is On now. You may find the Contest Details here: Tell a Tale: Contest # 1

    I wish you very best of luck!

  38. MSH786 Says:

    @Myrtle Beached Whale

    You’re a stupid ignorant pile of garbage. Kill yourself now!

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