43 Responses to “3WW CXXXVI”

  1. selfish… « swEet eScaPe Says:

    […] poem, from last year, selfish …to be honest, i don’t know if i made it better. also for threewordwednesday words are cryptic, flash, […]

  2. bitchyangel Says:

    wow…am i really the first? hehehe

    here’s my poem..


  3. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in this post:



  4. Jeeves Says:

    This is very difficult combo of words. Made a muddle of it.


  5. thommyg Says:

    Interestingly enough, this started as an idea in the notebook late in the night. It took its own turn as it unfolded. And I am most grateful it did. See what you think:


    Also, pass along the 3WW fun to your friends and fellow bloggers. Let’s build on all this creativity.

  6. Andy Sewina Says:

    Hi Thom, thanks for the three little words of inspiration!

  7. Christy Says:

    putting the 3 words to use


  8. noahthegreat Says:


  9. pjd Says:

    flash in pan? maybe
    never malign the effort
    cryptic haiku fun


  10. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Hmm… Crypsis

  11. Crystal Says:

    I posted another semi-dark piece here:


  12. gautami tripathy Says:

    A poser:


  13. b Says:

    The message was cryptic…but what did it mean?


  14. Larry Says:

    see http://www.lifewithoutclots.blogspot.com/2009/05/3ww-05062009.html

  15. ~willow~ Says:

    After a month’s hiatus, I’m back, kinda.

    This week’s contribution is a monologue by a Big Bad — I myself am not too sure who he is, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s that King Philliam I alluded to quite often over the two or three weeks of my previous period of active writing.

    Enjoy 🙂

  16. Kristy Says:

    here it is..


  17. Just Someone Says:

    A fake entry 😦

  18. Tumblewords Says:

    Senryu for 3WW

    Thanks, ThomG!

  19. selfish… « swEet eScaPe Says:

    […] be honest, i don’t know if i made it better, since i just add few lines… also for threewordwednesday words are cryptic, flash, […]

  20. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Thanks, Thom! These words took me in a quirky direction. Maligned

  21. Amarettogirl Says:

    Thanks Thom!
    I had trouble with the word ‘malign’ since I didn’t use it as a verb… But boy oh boy what a story those three little words inspired this past hour! It’s a little long I know, but hopefully it reads quickly! It’s entitled,

    Amberdine’s Pendulum

  22. susan Says:

    It’s been awhile since I posted a poem here. This is flash inspired.

  23. Hal Johnson Says:

    I thought I’d try to incorporate today’s words into Thom’s Fiction in 58 exercise. I may have been off more than I could chew.


  24. blisshappens Says:

    I cheated a little and used malignant… hope it doesn’t affect my grade.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I am truly enjoying reading everyone’s take on these words!


  25. Mendur Says:

    I did two items today: a haiku as normal, and my first “American Sandwich”, assuming I did that correctly. Click my name to see them.

  26. ThomG Says:

    OK, I decided that I just couldn’t sell the anger in this young man. But mischief, yeah, I think it works better. See if you agree.


  27. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    This week’s installment on the werewolf strike story is a short one. Sorry about that. But I’ve got a good excuse. I’m busy with edits to Maelstrom tonight because…

    I have a publishing offer! If all goes as planned, it will be on store shelves in early 2010. It seems like a long way off, but I know the time will fly.

    So here’s the third installment on the werewolf story and I’ll probably be wrapping it up next week:

    Werewolf Strike (Part Three)

  28. Megha Says:

    Here’s a fiction by me.

    When old memories revive, sometimes they give pain…sometimes hope…

    A beautiful place – Himachal Pradesh

  29. Gillian Taber Says:

    Hmm, first post didn’t seem to go through! (Apologies if it goes through and I double post !)

    Ok, try again. New website for stories (http://mojosshorts.webnode.com/). Will check everyone out later.

  30. Mendur Says:

    Side note on the American Sandwich I wrote:
    Andy Sewina was the first to catch (and post) what I did with the words:
    oF LASHed cargo
    seeM ALIGNed against
    the CRYPT I Crossed

    Too subtle? I’ll try to use them the “right” way next time.

  31. Sriharsha Says:

    Oops m late I guess



  32. Amy Says:


    Here’s mine this week.

  33. Angel Says:

    Finally here!


  34. pieceofpie Says:

    dephi sanctuary

  35. Lisa Says:

    Here’s mine for this week. I came closer to actual “creative writing” rather than essay writing, but it stressed me out. It may not seem much, but I had to stretch myself to face my fears of being creative.


  36. Scatterbrain Says:

    My humble offering


  37. Lost for words « Watermaid’s Weblog Says:

    […] Lost for words I ‘ve been having a bit of a break this week, after the massive effort to complete 300 poems in April. Here is an American Sandwich, using the words from 3WW. […]

  38. watermaid Says:

    I’ve been quiet for a while.

    Lost for Words

  39. zuri Says:

    hope this does:

  40. ladygarfield Says:

    I was so busy enjoying everybody’s take on 3ww that I forgot to write something myself 🙂 here:

  41. Mayasanalsuryakalady Says:

    Hi everyone,
    My first poem in 3WW. Please take time to read.


  42. Maligned « Steer Forth! Says:

    […] Woven around Cryptic, Flash and Malign as suggested by 3WW. […]

  43. http://yahoo.com Says:

    I really was basically seeking for creative concepts for my personal web site and
    came across your own posting, “3WW CXXXVI Three Word Wednesday”,
    do you mind in case I really employ many of ur concepts?
    I am grateful ,Chase

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