I’d like to take this opportunity to explain how I pick the three words. Each week, I come across words, which I place on a Word document. Come Tuesday night, I look at the list, move words around, and somehow, three words come into focus that just sound right together. Those three words get placed in a post and I go to bed. And I don’t think about them until I get up and check to see that WordPress updated itself (I do so anywhere between 2 and 4 a.m. Central Daylight Time). That way, I have no unfair advantage over the rest of the writers. And here you go, three bright, shiny new words:



51 Responses to “3WW CXXXVII”

  1. Paul Says:

    An unsent letter.

  2. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in this post:



  3. gautami tripathy Says:



  4. Andy Sewina Says:

    I’ll be back later …


  5. Megha Says:

    Here’s my writing –

    A New start ? Yet again ?

  6. One Last Chance « turbulent mind silent thoughts Says:

    […] For 3WW CXXXVII […]

  7. BlueMist Says:

    here I come for the first time. Hope I did the justice

  8. BlueMist Says:

    Opps I left wrong link here is the correct one


  9. thommyg Says:

    And mine is up and it is here:


    Next couple of days are critical at work, but I will be stopping by to read everyone’s contribution. Rememebr to keep checking back through the week, as some people choose not to post just on Wednesday. And there were late contributions last week that didn’t get the love they deserved.

  10. MG Says:


    I don’t spend much time on this, maybe it shows, but I think it is a lot of FUN!

  11. bellamocha Says:

    My first time here…
    Thanks for the challenge- it is fun!


    Bella 🙂

  12. pjd Says:

    Thanks for the explanation of how you select the words. I think it’s remarkable that you make it to nearly everyone’s posts every week. I try most weeks, but it’s tough. Thanks for all you’re doing so the rest of us can have fun with it!


  13. gigidiaz Says:

    Hello Everyone! My post has a little of everything! I hope you enjoy!

    Happy Wednesday!


  14. Larry Says:

    What? You are not a licensed therapist? Well, you should be! While a newbie to this, each week it is as if you were in my head, probing for key trigger-points for emotions.
    Anyhoo, see http://www.lifewithoutclots.blogspot.com/2009/05/3ww-for-may-13.html for this week’s session (Boy, therapy sessions for free—can’t beat that for a deal).

  15. noahthegreat Says:


  16. MichaelO Says:

    Thanks for the prompt, Thom! A deadly combination this week.


  17. Daily Panic Says:

    Sometimes accepting change is the only thing you can do- and along with it – breathe in and breathe out.

    I LOVE 3WW.

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    Please leave a comment if you can they pick a winner in a few days!
    If I get it, I’ll have 3WW and all of you to thank!

  18. AdellBeek Says:


  19. Angel Says:

    Here’s mine. I’m actually early this week!


  20. Brian Says:


    Happy Wednesday everyone.

  21. Tabitha Says:

    I’m back! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but today it was just too easy. 🙂


  22. Tumblewords Says:

    Poem & Watercolor for 3WW

  23. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Sounds like NASA news

  24. MichaelO Says:

    Just a “go back” to anyone who stopped by mine earlier. I’ve added an audio dictation for today’s entry. Stop in again when you find the time!

  25. susan Says:

    Had an awful sinus headache all day. Not feeling creative. Will read and comment and then try to write. Thanks, Thom.

  26. Fledgling Poet Says:

    I’ve been on vacation and didn’t think I’d have anything this week. But the three words led me to this poem.


  27. bitchyangel Says:

    not so happy with this one

  28. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Thanks for your explanation of how you choose the words. Interesting!

    Here’s mine.

  29. ande parlow Says:

    didn’t know if I would like doing this one but here you go and it was slightly cathartic!!!

  30. Mendur Says:


    Another haiku. Click my name to go to my blog.

  31. TD Says:

    A different kind of story… for me, at least


  32. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    Ricky puts his plan into action in Part Four of the Werewolf Strike series.

  33. Jeeves Says:


  34. quin browne Says:

    my traveling issues has put me behind… i shall do a three word thursday, and ask forgiveness…

  35. Kristy Says:



  36. Just Someone Says:


  37. blisshappens Says:

    Here’s mine, thank you for all the love!!!



  38. pieceofpie Says:

    hey thommyg interesting comments how the three come about… thanks for sharing… always a great combo to delight the sense…. merry mutt

  39. susan Says:

    Here’s mine, Streaking

  40. susan Says:

    Thom, I appreciate you continue to remind us that we not only drop links but comments. Thanks.

  41. Story Teller Says:

    Hello Thom,

    Hope you are doing well. This is to bring in to your notice and also to all of your readers that the first ever contest is on in Tell a Tale. Half the time of the Contest is already over and I do not see you or your redears to be there. Please pass the word to all who reads you and comes here about the contest at: Tell a Tale

    Thanks a lot; your words mean so much 🙂

  42. b Says:

    Bringing up the end with a story about Grandma and Grandpa!


  43. b Says:

    Oh by the way…I love your words!

  44. Tammy Says:


  45. maglomaniac Says:

    A late entry.


    wasn’t gettin much to write.As I dint want to write a poem.
    Was just thinking to kiss a poem when this happened.
    And lo m here.
    Would be following up all soon.


  46. J.C. Montgomery Says:

    I feel funny about titling this Flash Fiction Fun when I cover a topic like this one. But still, the challenge is what I’m talking about, not the subject.


  47. Hal Johnson Says:

    I think it’s more of a challenge to write flash fiction or a short poem when using the three words. But, here’s mine anyway.

    Love and Ground Rush

  48. Hal Johnson Says:

    Thom, I just read that we’re allowed to conjugate verbs. Really? Oh my, if only I’d known! I might be famous by now, and on my way to winning one of them thar pull-its-her prizes!

    Whew. Sorry. Too much coffee.

  49. Hal Johnson Says:

    And change the tense, I should have added. Maybe I need MORE coffee.

  50. ThomG Says:


    You can do pretty much what you want with the words, as long as the meaning isn’t changed.

    Me, I’m a purist. I like to use ’em in the form they were given.

  51. Sort of Wordless Wednesday « Incrementum Says:

    […] find out how Thom G picks the words each week- the biggest mystery of the blogosphere discovered- click here!  Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Wordless WednesdayWordless Wednesday ~ FXS […]

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