OK, so everyone’s homework is to invite one non-contributing friend to try 3WW this week.



53 Responses to “3WW CXXXIX”

  1. Jeeves Says:

    My take


  2. Sepiru Chris Says:

    This week’s 3WW submission (and back submissions) is (are) now up… It is good to be back.

  3. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in this post:



  4. gautami tripathy Says:

    I will try to get a few people in!

    Here is mine:


  5. Americanising Desi Says:

    heyyyyyyy!!! Hapy Wednesday all 😀

    here is my contribution 😀


  6. piatsa Says:


  7. piatsa Says:

    Oh that didn’t work–it’s the first post

  8. Megha Says:

    Here’s my take –

    The Conqueror

  9. pia Says:

    Uh I was logged into the wrong account

    it’s courtingdestiny.com

  10. thommyg Says:

    Hope everyone is having a good week. Had fun with this one:


    And please, don’t forget to keep checking back here to see what people have left. I can think of a couple of contributions that came in late last week that were just gems, perfect nuggets of creativity, that probably didn’t get the love they deserved.

  11. Andy Says:

    Thanks Thom, here’s mines:

  12. blisshappens Says:

    good morning early birds! here’s mine! -Meg


  13. blisshappens Says:

    realized I misread DREARY for DREAMY… well too bad… I like mine the way it is, but sorry for the mistake!

  14. blisshappens Says:

    ME AGAIN! Here’s another try with the RIGHT three words!



  15. noahthegreat Says:

    I don’t think I have any friends that don’t already participate. (That are writers)


  16. ande parlow Says:

    okay. I posted a little something!

  17. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Could be a Cloudy Morning

  18. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    ? Let’s try that again: Cloudy Morning

  19. susan Says:

    I tweeted an invite. Will post later. And while we’re inviting folks, can we keep in mind that for this community to thrive we need posts and comments. There is little incentive to remain active if you feel unsupported.

    I realize this is a repeated complaint but there are participants who are not commenting but posting regularly. A meme is about reciprocity.

    I’m happy with my faithful four who support me but I am concerned that a new member would feel unwelcome.

  20. Larry Says:

    Ok so the invites are on. Last week I had a nibble from Mindful Maggie.
    see http://www.lifewithoutclots.blogspot.com/2009/05/3ww-for-may-27.html

  21. pjd Says:

    don’t be timid… click!
    bring light to your dreary life.
    embrace the haiku!


  22. AdellBeek Says:


  23. gigidiaz Says:

    I see some awesome 3WWs are up!

    Happy Wednesday!
    I played too!

  24. Michelle Johnson Says:

    Hello everyone~ Hope you’re having a wonderful 3ww. Here’s my contribution “fetal-tucked”

  25. Michelle Johnson Says:

    Sorry, let me try to link again the right way… “fetal-tucked”

  26. Pretty Prats Says:


    let me make some friend take this challange now !

  27. Pretty Prats Says:

    my post is hyperlinked to my name here !

  28. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks again for the prompt and the site!

    NaisaiKu for 3WW

  29. Kristy Says:


    Hello, thanks for the comments!

  30. MichaelO Says:

    The drudgery of the morning commute. Yet another multimedia production!


  31. Mendur Says:

    Another haiku today.

    Click my name to see it.

  32. Zouxzoux Says:

    […] Word Wednesday) Tags: 3WW, New Orleans, Poetry, Three Word Wednesday Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Dreary Embrace […]

  33. 3WW: water « Zouxzoux Says:

    […] Word Wednesday) Tags: 3WW, New Orleans, Poetry, Three Word Wednesday Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Dreary Embrace […]

  34. gautami tripathy Says:

    It is my request for all those who link their post to their names, do put in the post URL as a comment. That way it can reached via the feed in a reader. Helps all those who subscribe to comments as I do! Otherwise we come right here.


  35. lissa Says:

    a very short one from me
    crazed descend

  36. quin browne Says:


  37. lucy Says:

    a sad short poem for a sad week.

  38. sarah Says:

    so this is where everyone comes! so glad I found it. here’s a little thing from me.


  39. b Says:

    Oh my if I don’t get busy sooner I am going to be confused about which week I am writing for. It is only Wednesday isn’t it?

    I spent the day with baby grandchild today…what a wonderful day…looked baby gates and all. -/


  40. atob Says:


  41. TD Says:

    Howdy all… Sorry, no visitors on my account. But 3 American Sentences for your critique…


  42. TD Says:

    A few American Sentences for your critiquing pleasure…

  43. TD Says:

    Seems I posted the wrong link…

    Here it is…


  44. Hal Johnson Says:

    The Heart Wins

  45. Just Someone Says:


  46. Christy Says:

    better late than never
    here is my 3words


  47. angie Says:

    I’ve been gone for awhile, but I’m glad to be back with “rain delay.”


  48. Annica Says:

    A little late, I know, but still, here is mine;


  49. ladygarfield Says:

    And here I am, late as usual 🙂


  50. Leonard Blumfeld Says:

    Donnie and Geronimo, youthful warriors

  51. Utopian Fragments Says:

    here is my try. Why Not?!

  52. Zouxzoux Says:

    […] 3:10 pm (Lust, New Orleans) Tags: Indiference, Lust, New Orleans, Sex Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Arresting Rhythmic […]

  53. 3 Word Wednesday: cross the bridge « Zouxzoux Says:

    […] Tags: 3 Word Wednesday, Lust, New Orleans, Sex, Three Word Wednesday Today’s prompts at Three Word Wednesday are Fickle Sparkle […]

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