50 Responses to “3WW CXLVIII”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in this post:



  2. Gemma Says:

    Enjoyed the mix of ideas created by these words!

    Here is mine:

    Our night has limited eyesight…

  3. lostmermaid Says:


  4. Jeeves Says:


  5. Sweeter in the Gale Says:

    Here’s mine:


  6. Just Someone Says:

    Aging Apathy

  7. angie Says:

    oh, a beautiful morning!!


  8. gautami tripathy Says:


  9. noahthegreat Says:


  10. wildplumwhisper Says:

    This was a lot of fun to write:


  11. Megha Says:

    Thanks for such wonderful prompt.

    Here’s my writeup – The brave, a tribute.


  12. pjd Says:

    Patronize? Tough word for 5-7-5.


    I am hoping to visit everyone this week even though this week is likely to be as crazy as last week.

  13. qjd Says:

    This one was fun.


  14. qjd Says:


  15. Americanising Desi Says:

    my 3WW is up at My 3 WW

  16. Courting Destiny » Blog Archive » 3WW: Darkness; patronize; weaken–Monkey on my back; yes I love cliches especially drug ones Says:

    […] Thom for the words. They fit so well I had to participate but don’t expect people to comment on something this […]

  17. thommyg Says:

    I have a case of the flu. But after a short nap, I’ll be by. A poem, for a change:

    The Path

  18. April Says:

    Took a nice walk this morning, got my 3WW words, and wrote this:http://a-muse-in-me.blogspot.com/2009/07/3ww-darkness-patronize-weaken.html

  19. Mendur Says:

    Still having computer problems but I want to play.

    Balance of Power – a haiku
    by Mendur

    Fall – daylight weakens –
    with patronizing slowness
    – darkness creeps forward.


  20. Melissa Says:

    Here’s is my contribution for this weeks prompt.


  21. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Stuff that happens at the Closing Hour

  22. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Not really a poem but I wrote it in poem form. Thanks Thom!

    What I’ve Been Doing

  23. Paul Says:


  24. pia Says:

    I don’t expect comments. Used the words as they so wonderfully fit a long and rather tortured post–forgot if I link to 3WW–WP automatically tracks back to here

  25. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks ThomG! Please be well…

    CYCLIKU! for 3WW

  26. b Says:

    The words fit so beautifully with the short poem.


  27. susan Says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Thom.

    I’ve been in activist mode big time. Talk about serendipitous word choices. 🙂

    See what I can do.

    Holla if you’d like me to bring you soup. I don’t much anymore, but for you, I’d make it and bring it to you.

  28. Mark Says:

    No title this week


    Hope you like it

  29. 3WW CXLVIII | The Notebook Says:

    […] For Three Word Wednesday CXLVIII […]

  30. Bobbie Says:


    Here’s mine! 🙂 If anyone had problems posting to my blog, that issue is not fixed.

  31. Bobbie Says:

    NOW FIXED!! LOL You can post to my blog. Pesky typos lol.

  32. quin browne Says:

    i reworked this a bit, added in today’s words, and present it for viewing

    clicking on my name will take you there…

  33. lissa Says:

    I’m wondering how everyone else write so fast, oh well

    here’s my take – a fiction piece

  34. Tumblewords Says:

    QJD – I couldn’t leave a comment on your post…not sure what’s wrong.

  35. Just Someone Says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Take it easy!
    Take care,

  36. forgetmenot63 Says:


  37. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    Ricky comes upon the band members playing demon-rules Scrabble: A Game of Scrabble

  38. pjd Says:

    QJD — I had the same problem as Tumblewords. I tried both Safari and IE, but your “leave a comment” link is broken. It does not actually bring up the comment form. I did like your poem, though.

  39. Old Grizz Says:

    here’s my shot


  40. TD Says:

    We officially reached the hottest temperature ever recorded in Seattle… The third sentence is therefore altogether true.


  41. Daily Panic Says:

    I’ll be back later to read!
    short one today- rushed by the month end – but very thankful for my job!


  42. MichaelO Says:

    Minimilism. 3WW in four words.


    (So what took me so long?!)

  43. Larry McCay Says:

    Free form darkness….

  44. stan Says:

    Just a thought:


  45. Dee Says:

    I’m here – finally 🙂

  46. AdellBeek Says:


  47. lucy Says:

    a little late.. hope to be ’round this weekend.
    Pop on over for a cup of joe..

  48. pieceofpie Says:

    hello, another week of stories… thanks thommy, this week’s three are challenging words

  49. Bluebethley Says:

    Thanks for the prompt. I’m a little late but happy to be writing another poem in response to your prompts: darkness, weakness, patronize.

  50. Timmy Says:

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