3ww1 I will be on the road most of the after noon, but will be stopping by everyone’s contribution when I return. Don’t forget – this is a writer’s prompt, so go forth and read, comment and share.


48 Responses to “3WW CLII”

  1. andy sewina. Says:

    Thanks Thom, here’s mine:


  2. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine in this post:



  3. Gemma Says:

    Thanks for this one!

    Here is my response!

    Folded Summer

  4. Paul Says:

    Back from the holidays and enjoying writing again.


  5. gautami tripathy Says:

    I think I am stuck with truckers!


  6. Jeeves Says:


  7. wildplumwhisper Says:

    I’ve finished 🙂

    Saint Teresa of Avila

  8. thommyg Says:

    And you’ll find mine here:

    Soul Trade

    It might take me until the evening to start getting to people’s contributions. On the road all afternoon.

  9. Jane Doe Says:

    Hi, I’m actually on time this week. Here’s mine:

    Poisoned Arrows

    Have a great Wednesday all!


  10. Sweetest in the Gale Says:

    Here’s mine. I’m having such a hectic week…I will try to comment on other people’s prompts as I find small blocks of time.


  11. noahthegreat Says:


  12. Seher, the real thing Says:

    and my piece is up 🙂

    grab a read!


  13. Seher, the real thing Says:

    Hey My prompt is up!

    and I hope You enjoy it as Much as I did!

    A Slight Revelation

  14. Americanising Desi *AD Says:

    My Wednesday Prompts are up together at

    <a href="http://2short2sweet.blogspot.com/2009/08/elegant-expressions.html"Elegant Expressions

    Please find the 3 Word Wednesday below my Wordless Wednesday in the same post!

    Happy Wednesday to all!

  15. Americanising Desi *AD Says:

    My Wednesday Prompts are up together at

    <a href="http://2short2sweet.blogspot.com/2009/08/elegant-expressions.html"Elegant Expressions

    Please find the 3 Word Wednesday below my Wordless Wednesday in the same post!

    Happy Wednesday to all!

  16. Americanising Desi *AD Says:

    Elegant Expressions

  17. Linda Jacobs Says:

    A quick cinquain today. The weather is beautiful so I’m hopping on my bike and pedaling to the beach. I’ll be back later to read everyone’s.

  18. b Says:

    This prompt worked like magic…how does that happen? It probably doesn’t matter. All I can say is thank you for those three words.



  19. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Sounds like Dropping a Glass Armonica

  20. Melissa Says:

    Hi my 3ww buddies, here is my offering for this week


  21. gigidiaz Says:


  22. April Belle Says:

    This is my first time with 3WW… loved it. I’ll be back and visiting everyone. Here’s mine: http://thelittlewriterthatcould.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/3-word-wednesday/

  23. pia Says:

    Thanks all of you who so wonderfully supported me through the beginnings of my very boring withdrawal from panic attack meds.

    I hope to be completely off them by winter–and I wasn’t on that much to begin with. Just gets harder as I go off more as it brings panic attacks which feel like heart attacks

    It’s been difficult to focus on writing but I hope to be back to 3WW shortly.

    Thanks Thom for both your friendship and continuing 3WW, my favorite word exercise on the whole net

  24. MichaelO Says:

    I’ve been quiet of late. Trying to break out of the Silence.


  25. Leo Says:

    my attempt for this week. i’ve hyperlinked it to my name itself!

  26. illyriataylor Says:

    Hope somebody enjoys “Fault Lines”

  27. Mark Says:

    Hi Kids! That time of the week again!


    Trying something a bit new. Dunno how well it turned out…

    Thanks for reading. I do appreciate it.

  28. Just Someone Says:

    Tribute to a city

  29. Tumblewords Says:

    Thank you!

    Haiku and Fractal for 3WW

  30. BabbleAmble Says:


  31. Tammy Says:

    This fit perfectly into my journal of moments that will be remembered.


    I was off for most of summer but I’m ready to bloog.

  32. lucy Says:

    a quick haiku to sum up my tuesday

  33. chrisd Says:


    Those words brought back a little incident from the past. Thanks for doing this faithfully. It was fun!

  34. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    Here’s mine:

    Poor Ricky. What does a band manager have to do to get A Little Peace and Quiet?

  35. Sandra Leigh Says:

    I wrote something at The Turtle.

  36. Sepiru Chris Says:

    I’ve been AWOL awhile… here are three for this week…

  37. Sepiru Chris Says:

    That didn’t seem to work, let me try it again.

    I’ve been AWOL awhile… here are three for this week…

  38. thisgirlremembers Says:

    Had fun combining two different prompts for this one!


  39. pjd Says:

    fraction, nose, varnish
    a good trio, that’s true, but
    those weren’t today’s words


  40. Asleep On My Feet Says:

    I absolutely loved today’s words! Great inspiration! You can find my take on it here:


  41. lissa Says:

    here’s my

    I am late again, I’m starting to think it it should be 3 word thursday or friday

  42. zouxzoux Says:

    It seems I’m late again……


  43. Larry McCay Says:

    Here is my Harmonic Resolve


  44. Thoughts Have Wings » Blog Archive » Three Word Wednesday In Pieces Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday: Fracture, Noise, and Vanish plus Fiction in 58 for good measure […]

  45. stan Says:

    What the words mean:


  46. Sriharsha Says:

    gosh I am late again

    Be my enemy


  47. Irene Says:

    A movie inspired me,

    the lakehouse

  48. delaronde street « Zouxzoux Says:

    […] New Orleans, Sensuality, Three Word Wednesday by zouxzoux The prompts for yesterday’s Three Word Wednesday […]

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