43 Responses to “3WW CLXII”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine here:



  2. gautami tripathy Says:

    Thanks for the words. My muse was kind and I took only a few minutes to come up with this:


  3. Paul Says:

    Thanks for posting this prompt. Here’s my contribution… and who knows S might even be reading. LOL

  4. Paul Says:

    For some reason the link has not been formatted. Here’s another try.

  5. Jeeves Says:


  6. thommyg Says:

    This did not go where I thought it would:


  7. 3WW CLXII — #12 - The Notebook Says:

    […] For 3WW CLXII […]

  8. mark Says:

    Karma presented an interesting problem for me…


    Thanks for reading!

  9. Americanising Desi Says:

    and my prompt is up. sooner this week 😀

    Karma Not For Me

  10. MichaelO Says:

    The Longest Night

  11. illyriataylor Says:

    Cliche’ but true.

  12. Leo Says:


    i’ve gone for a bit of a different take. hope its ok.
    i’ll do another post with all the three words later! 🙂 thanks!

  13. Just Someone Says:

    I made it

    Thank you ThomG for the words…


  14. Marsha Says:

    Please read and comment.

  15. 3WW: Toxic Karma « Zouxzoux Says:

    […] 3WW, Karma, Moirai, New Orleans, Poetry, Three Word Wednesday The prompts for today’s Three Word Wednesday […]

  16. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Karmic Sunflower

  17. pjd Says:

    Found these difficult.

    Not sure if I can make all the rounds this week–kid activities and NaNoWriMo are keeping me running. Happy Wednesday anyway!


  18. Kristy Says:

    Here you go, may be nonsense…

  19. Rebecca Says:

    Here’s mine: Lithium

  20. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks for the prompt and the good reading!

    Tanka for 3WW

  21. quin browne Says:

    long time, no play!

  22. lissa Says:

    here’s my:


  23. Thoughts Have Wings » The Long Walk Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday : karma, obey, wither and two days of one word: amber and shield with a little fiction in 58 thrown in with just a pinch of Carry On Tuesday. […]

  24. b Says:

    Great words…just set me off on a philosophical quest. Karma: I am working it out in my mind and hoping you find it interesting.



  25. Prats Says:

    A complete prompted post 😉

  26. Peggy McFarland Says:

    Okay, I did it. Here’s the link.

  27. Peggy McFarland Says:


    I did it! This one’s for you, Thom.

  28. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    This one features one of the minor characters from the Maelstrom novel. Bar Karma

  29. swapna Says:

    Mine is here

  30. Mads.. Says:

    In need of Serendipity…

  31. Leo Says:

    Dona Nobis Pacem

    my proper attempt! 🙂 thanks!

  32. Daily Panic Says:

    Happy 3 WW!

  33. Purple Houses Says:

    The conclusion of “Hand Bones,” a day late.


  34. The goat notes « The Essence of a Thing Says:

    […] and wither.  Click here for more on prompt #187 from other Sunday Scribblings participants and here for more from 3WW […]

  35. missalister Says:

    The goat notes takes on 3WW’s “karma, obey, and wither” as well as Sunday Scribblings’ “adventure.”

  36. TD Says:

    Late again… a couple haiku…


  37. April Says:

    A day late, not too bad….

    Get your HTML codes here!

  38. April Says:

    I’m such a goof ball…it should have been

    Karmic Dancea>

  39. Mendur Says:

    Like the man said, “Marriage isn’t a word, it’s a sentence.”
    And sometimes, a celestial punishment.



  40. pieceofpie Says:

    hello hrz mine free style

  41. Asleep On My Feet Says:

    Don’t Bank On It

    Short and sweet. Or bitter. Or something.

  42. An Experimental Poem of Sorts « Susan Sonnen's Musings Says:

    […] 3 Word Wednesday (karma, obey, wither) has come and is almost gone, but I have whipped out an odd piece of poesy with time to spare. Be warned, this is an example of what I refer to as my experimental works. […]

  43. Selbstmanagements Says:

    Wonderful piece…

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