44 Responses to “3WW CLXVI”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine here:



  2. Sepiru Chris Says:

    Three 3WW haiku, with American sentence titles, from Sepiru Chris…

  3. Sepiru Chris Says:

    Right. Somehow I messed that up.

    I wrote fondle, kick, and sumptuous as the three prompts and somehow, in my head, fondle seemed to go with habit….

    Not quite sure what that says about me…

    I’ll redo them.

    Sorry, Thom, but, at the same time, I can’t bear to erase the bloody things.

  4. Jeeves Says:


  5. Sepiru Chris Says:

    Before I post the proper 3WW for this week, I did go to some effort with the first ‘wrong’ batch… I even tried to go multi-media for each one.


    Anyway, I went out for dinner to clear my head, and now present….

    The proper three 3WW haiku, with American sentence titles, as in I used the correct words this time….

    Sepiru Chris

  6. thommyg Says:

    I know, I know. I have no idea where my mind goes sometimes.


    Have a horrid work day, so it might take me until the evening to make the rounds.

  7. Paul Says:

    A text in two directions this week.

  8. Sweetest in the Gale (Fledgling) Says:

    Here’s mine:


  9. Tim Remp Says:

    Here is my first one:


    Enjoy !

  10. 3WW CLXVI — Trash Day - The Notebook Says:

    […] two prompts here, one for “Jane’s Inspi­ra­tions” “Sub­lime Sat­ur­day #8″  and 3WW CLXVI and came up with a snappy lit­tle poem.  It’s so good to be fin­ished with NaNoW­riMo, but […]

  11. mark Says:

    It is ‘Trash Day’ at The Notebook….


    Thanks for reading!

  12. gautami tripathy Says:

    A versified review:


  13. lissa Says:

    Thom, could you have pick some other word than “Fondle”??? not a common or easy word to fit in anything that I write. definitely not going to turn down this challenge.

    I think I missed three 3WW because of NaNo but I’ll see if I could write something for this week’s 3WW.

    happy holidays to all the 3WW participants!

  14. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    You can see it in any mall… Department Store Display

  15. Just Someone Says:


    missed last two 😦

    want to still catch up! let’s see:)

    Thanks again and hello to everyone!

  16. swapna Says:

    Phew! heres mine …cloak

  17. Leo Says:

    The Cry(3WW)

    here’s mine! 55fs…

  18. MichaelO Says:

    An ummmm… interesting choice of words, Thom.


  19. larry Says:

    I know what it means about you chris it means you and I are quite a like LOL yep fondle is one of my favorite words… Smiles N Winks

    Okay so I’m up just follow the post to read it.

  20. larry Says:

    heres my try for somereason I keep having problems with leaving my link down below.
    i’ll give it another try see if it works this time or try this.

  21. larry Says:

    heres my three word entry

    China Town

  22. Purple Houses Says:

    Here’s mine:


  23. illyria taylor Says:

    short and sweet.

  24. CJT Says:

    Another short and sweet one, and great words Thom!


  25. Paul Says:

    Here is my first three-word entry….


  26. b Says:

    Caress the Chocolate!



  27. Mendur Says:

    I’m not sure if this haiku should be rated PG or PG-13. (My mind may be in the gutter, but it’s warm and all my friends are here.)


    Enjoy at your own risk.

  28. atob Says:


  29. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    Ricky books the band at a nice hotel for once: http://www.maelstromrock.com/2009/12/maelstrom-extra-civilized.html

  30. Jenn B Says:

    so I just barely made it before midnight.
    this is my first 3WW
    hope you enjoy.


  31. peggy Says:

    Can I play, can I play?! Late, but it is still tonight, even if it’s no longer wednesday. I decided to continue the Ben and Curly story with the new words. Hope you like.

  32. Americanising Desi Says:

    A sumptuous take on life and experience

    Sumtuous 3WW

  33. zuri Says:


  34. Prats Says:

    My entry linked to my name.

    will read all over the weekend 🙂

  35. Daily Panic Says:


  36. lissa Says:

    here’s my late entry

    I managed to fit in the word “fondle” but it sounds strange to me, it’s certainly not a word that I recall ever using in my writing

  37. Angel Says:

    Hey, y’all. Long time no see! Hope everyone is doing well. Looking foward to reading the stories this week. Here’s mine:

    Banquet for Three

  38. April Says:

    Cool. I like what I did with these words…a lighthearted poem:


  39. April Says:

    I’m not sure if my previous comment went through…don’t see it.


  40. April Says:

    One more try….

  41. April Says:

    Okay, my comments are showing up now good….I like the poem I got out of these words. It’s lighthearted


  42. Dee Says:

    finally 🙂

  43. pieceofpie Says:


  44. Staci Grabarczyk Says:

    Nice post . I voted for it up on digg although I somewhat talked about above said on my blog 🙂 Anyway I just stopped by to say hi and compliment your efforts.See ya on the web 🙂

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