39 Responses to “3WW ClXVII”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine here:



  2. atob Says:


  3. Jeeves Says:




  5. Sepiru Chris Says:

    Hello All. Click-through for my 3WW submission this week. Tschuess, Sepiru Chris

  6. thommyg Says:

    Sorry for my tardiness, my friends on different continents, in posting the words. A sick dog. She’s fine now, however.

    Meat Locker

  7. gautami tripathy Says:

    My effort is forced and it shows. I am grabbing at empty spaces and that is preventing me from writing. Anyway…


  8. gautami tripathy Says:

    Hope your dog is ok, ThomG

  9. Just Someone Says:


    Thank you for the words, braving winter fury to pen a few lines:)
    Good to hear she is okay
    Hv a nice day

  10. Daily Panic Says:

    72 degrees here in South Alabama today!

    happy 3 WW!

  11. Tim Remp Says:

    And he is mine … Enjoy !


  12. Paul Says:

    A bit late today. Here’s my post: http://writersnoteobook.blogspot.com/2009/12/anyone-can-write.html

  13. Larry McCay Says:

    I liked these words…


  14. Marsha Says:

    Do not read this. It is crap. But if you ignore my warning, please comment.

  15. Dee Says:

    wow, I’m up. and it is still wednesday….

  16. Linda Jacobs Says:

    A haiku from me today. Thanks, Thom.

  17. Paul Says:

    Hi everyone, thanks to those who viewed my first attempt at this last week. I appreciate greatly your comments. Here is my attempt for this week. I must warn you though, it is rather long (about 1000 words).


    Thanks, also, for the cool words, this story just rolled out.

  18. MichaelO Says:

    The Grave Robber

  19. larry Says:

    Well Well it’s another wednesday already. time flys when one is having fun. You’
    ll find mine when you click the link below.


  20. 3WW CIXVII — Dancing Daze - The Notebook Says:

    […] 3WW CIXVII […]

  21. Mark Says:

    Barkeep! A flagon of whimsy, if you please!


    Thank ye! Thank ye!

  22. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Untended Cemetery

  23. SJ Says:

    i learnt a new word..lithe

    A smile from SJ =)

  24. Thoughts Have Wings » Her Dance Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday lithe, grave, offend […]

  25. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    An unusual interaction between Kalila and Ricky. This one is for those who wonder about the mysterious cat in the novel: http://www.maelstromrock.com/2009/12/maelstrom-extra-feline-ways.html

  26. CJT Says:

    alright ladies and gents, I’m gonna say sorry now before you even get there…


  27. larry Says:

    Sorry what on earth for .. I thought you did great i like a nice short read. I come by your place all the time on wednesdays and have an great read everytime. you can read mine if you’d like just follow the link below.

    The Ballerina

  28. Leo Says:


    here’s mine. delayed this week but better late than never i guess!

  29. peggy Says:

    got it. now, i share.

  30. Tumblewords Says:


    Poem for 3WW

  31. still Says:

    I started rambling one day and decided for longer stories I needed a new spot so I tried a marathon of words and prompts working in whole pages of prompts. Alas the rambling on and on got to me. I was too tired to complete my challenge. But that doesn’t mean I quit. I shall try again another day. Yet it is untitled unless one of you come up with a title. Just for fun!

  32. Angel Says:

    Late again, but here is mine:

    The Price of Beauty

  33. Prats Says:

    random thought this time !

  34. Mendur Says:

    Better late than never. This time, a goth offering:



  35. Leonard Blumfel Says:

    So grave – a tiny story in dialog

  36. if Says:


  37. if Says:

    sometimes it is not what it seems…..

  38. Antiquish variations on a theme « Steer Forth! Says:

    […] Written to include Hinder, Journey and Rigid from 3WW. […]

  39. Paz Says:

    Appreciate it for this grand post, I am glad I discovered this internet site on yahoo 😉

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