44 Responses to “3WW CLXXVII”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine here:



  2. Sepiru Chris Says:

    Hello All. A new 3WW submission for a new week. Tschuess, Sepiru Chris

  3. Sweetest in the Gale (Fledgling) Says:

    Here is mine:


  4. Leo Says:

    3WW NaiSaiKu

    here’s mine.

  5. Kitty Says:

    And mine:


  6. Sepiru Chris Says:

    Hey Leo, Just a comment. For some reason, I can never access your blog to see your poetry. Maybe it is a browser failure, but, chrome can’t seem to get on through. I just thought you might want to know. There must be some way to fix it. Cheers, Chris
    Feel free to delete this, Thom. I am sure that Leo will read this shortly after posting and this doesn’t need to stay up.

  7. Americanising Desi Says:

    I am all up for tidy love… anyone?


  8. thommyg Says:

    After much consideration, I’ve changed the title of my piece:

    The Recently Departed

  9. gautami tripathy Says:

    For some reason, I struggled through it:


  10. Andy Sewina Says:

    Thanks Thom,

    Here’s mine:


  11. Daily Panic Says:


  12. 3WW CLXXVII — draft poem - The Notebook Says:

    […] I am tired of the kinder­garten atmos­phere of alleged grown peo­ple not doing their jobs.…..ThomG’s three words for today are “occur, ragged, tidy” and they helped bring some focus.  This needs work, but every­thing needs to start […]

  13. mark Says:

    A ragged draft, that I need to tidy up and that shall occur in the coming days.


    Thanks, Thom!

  14. Scribbling Girl Says:

    The Stormy Night-http://creativelyscribbling.blogspot.com/2010/02/stormy-night.html

  15. Scribbling Girl Says:


  16. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Got some Snaggage

  17. Leonard Blumfeld Says:

    The ragged fib – a sweet little fibonacci.

  18. Angel Says:

    Here’s mine for this week.

    False Fricassee

  19. Julie Jordan Scott Says:

    I include a contest in my post of this week’s Three Word Wednesday. Loved writing this, after a false start…. not bad…


  20. Julie Jordan Scott Says:

    My comment apparently got lost.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate.

    My poem is under the link below my name or right at the link below.


  21. Linda Jacobs Says:

    A tiny one this week. Thanks Thom!

  22. April Says:

    I’ve tried out some flash fiction for this one. I usually stick with poetry, but I had a funny story to tell and the words this week were perfect for it.

    Ragged what????

  23. stan Says:

    Fashionably late? http://says-sir-ten.blogspot.com/2010/02/occur-tidy-ragged.html

  24. Finding Joy « Says:

    […] 3WW: occur, ragged, tidy […]

  25. lissa Says:

    wow, everyone’s so fast. been a while since I did a 3ww. I haven’t been writing much lately but somehow I find myself writing this piece:

    the link is different today because I’m guest posting at my friend’s blog – it’s usually here: http://www.justwritingwords.com/

    anyway, I hope to do more 3ww

  26. Larry Says:

    Another Wednesday to share our three words to one and all I hope you that read my three word essay enjoy it.I’m posted and ready to be read just follow the link provided below.

    The Robbery

    Thanks for the comment you left on “This Blog Of Mine” I appreciate the
    time and effort it takes to visit each blog and leave them, I have to
    express how much I appreciate that.

  27. b Says:

    Some thoughts on what instrument we use to write. Could it be that we could choose our words with more care if we had to actually use a pencil? I woke on Wednesday wondering that very thing.



  28. Tumblewords Says:


    NaiSaiKu for 3WW

  29. Thomma Lyn Says:

    Thanks. 🙂 A little late in the day, but mine’s up:

    It Won’t Pass for Flowers

  30. Marie Says:

    Dear Poets,

    My tanka is here: http://haikunun.blogspot.com


  31. Thoughts Have Wings » It’s Gonna Cost You Double To Clean This Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday : occur, ragged, and tidy […]

  32. TD Says:


  33. Irene Says:

    Celtic love

  34. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    Here’s mine, another in the Steal Tomorrow post-apocalyptic series: http://stealtomorrow.blogspot.com/2010/02/flash-fiction-extra-civic-duty.html

  35. Crystal Says:

    Mine is finally up!

  36. Jay Thurston Says:


    I am a day behind this week. Sorry all, hope you like it!

  37. Christy Says:

    it’s been a long while since I’ve been here

    here is my attempy at using these words


  38. Tim Remp Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m late to the game but here it is:


  39. Lilibeth Says:

    Well I wasn’t going to do this one, but something finally popped into my head.


  40. peggy Says:

    Phew! Got to it this week. My offering is “In Between Sound”


  41. Inigo Says:

    My first attempt at taking part in this clearley brilliant idea.

  42. Mia Says:

    hello – my offer is here ~ http://miasbed.blogspot.com

  43. pieceofpie Says:

    falling fast

  44. Forklift Equipment Says:

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