24 Responses to “3WW CXII”

  1. DJMommy Says:

    Just a little insomnia driven journaling. Thank God there is always writing to keep me company on these early mornings!

  2. paul Says:

    Just days before their wedding Simon and Morgana get together with Guillaume and Thérèse to talk about
    the perfect couple.

  3. gautami tripathy Says:

    No poetry but reflection:


  4. thommyg Says:

    Wow, I had trouble this week.

    The Cleaner

  5. lucy Says:

    happy wed. everyone
    mine is short and oooh sexy sweet!

  6. Daily Panic Says:

    hello! I’m posting again!

  7. rebecca Says:

    here’s mine: Obtuseness Extraordinaire

  8. Angel Says:

    Hey, y’all. I’ve started the next story in my Night Stalker series. This one is Rissa’s story. Don’t know if I did last weeks prompt about it here or not. You can catch up with links on the site if you wish.

    Hope you like this weeks:

    Night Stalker Rissa-Hunting

  9. quin browne Says:

    eight tries, this one took 4 minutes…. and kinda looks it.



  10. Tumblewords Says:


    Golden Goose

  11. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    well, it sounds like Life During Wartime

  12. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Just a little cinquain

  13. Purple Houses Says:


    That sinking feeling

  14. rio Says:

    I think I skipped a week or two but I’m still around. Here’s mine: a reverse quintet.

  15. Nickers and Ink Says:

    R Is for . . . Remembering, at NICKERS and INK

  16. TD Says:

    Desperately wading through life, finding glimmers of hope in writing…


  17. ~willow~ Says:

    While I knew how&where I wanted to use the words, actually producing this poem took a lot of work. I also listened to Meat Loaf while I worked on it, I think it shows, LMAO! Thanks for another addition to my NaNo project: Anita’s pain.

  18. > 27 « Zouxzoux Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday for this week includes the […]

  19. zouxzoux Says:

    My offering:

  20. bawdywench Says:

    Now I know today is Thursday, but Brian worked from 4am to 6pm yesterday and I sent him to bed after dinner rather than keep the body up so I could write.

    Love y’all and thank you for all of your comments and support through these trying economic times.

    The questions today are in honor of writers and poets everywhere and especially the brave souls who are tackling NaNo this month.


  21. b Says:

    When we are corrupted by prosperity and our intellect cannot help us deal with the tension of our daily lives, maybe prayer/meditation is the answer. Just a few thoughts.



  22. lissa Says:

    here’s my:

    I combined with two other prompts

  23. pieceofpie Says:

    merry madness

  24. ratanaong Says:


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