32 Responses to “3WW CLIX”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine here:


  2. Megha Says:

    Dark one lying here –

  3. ~willow~ Says:

    My first time back in a long long long time… it’s just one sentence, but one could build so much around it, methinks!

  4. thommyg Says:

    I am back to full Internet strength and looking forward to looking in at everyone’s contribution.

    Night Work

  5. noahthegreat Says:


  6. Leo Says:

    Generation Gap

    🙂 here is my contribution!!

  7. Jane Doe Says:

    Here is mine:

    Hiding Away

  8. Americanising Desi Says:

    and so I am high up again!

    I am Indeed

  9. lucy Says:

    haven’t participated in too long.
    hope everyone is doing well.

  10. gautami tripathy Says:

    I had trouble with the words, simple enough though those are…


  11. Rebecca Says:

    Here’s mine

  12. Nabila Says:

    My post- The wrong decision!

  13. The Notebook » 3WW CLIX — Jake in Line Says:

    […] have elected to use the words Thom pro­vided for this week’s 3WW and con­tinue along the series of poems I have been writ­ing for the Octo­ber Mini-Challenge for […]

  14. Mark Says:


    Titled ‘Jake in Line’

    My thanks for reading…

  15. CJT Says:

    Prepare yourselves…. Thanks for the Great words this week!


  16. Prats Says:

    http://talentishere.blogspot.com/2009/10/living-together.html >> a new trial at social issues.

  17. Linda Jacobs Says:

    A quick haiku from me this week. I just got home from school but have to head out for a hair appointment then back to school for Open House tonight.

    I’ll be back later or tomorrow to read everyone’s.

    Thanks, Thom!

  18. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    Here’s mine. Poor Ricky, always trading one problem for another: Indecent Exposure

  19. Daily Panic Says:

    Don’t worry I don’t have a gun…
    Happy 3WW!

  20. 3 Word Wednesday: Frustrate « Zouxzoux Says:

    […] Word Wednesday: Frustrate The prompts for today’s 3WW […]

  21. susan Says:

    It’s been awhile. I’m back with “Pouty, Perfect Lips.” I found my inspiration at Thom’s.

  22. cricket51 Says:

    Mine is here:

  23. Tumblewords Says:

    Thanks! These were tough… 🙂

    Tanka for 3WW

  24. TD Says:

    Here ya go…


  25. Patricia Sawyer Says:

    Mine is here… sorry it’s late..

  26. swapna Says:

    Please find mine Here

  27. Bernard S. Jansen Says:

    “I’m talking to you”

    Sorry it’s so late. You wouldn’t believe the week I’ve had if I told you. I still wanted to do my 3WW.

  28. Mendur Says:

    Having trouble updating my blog this week, so here’s my offering:

    How To Build a Lovecraft – a haiku
    by Mendur

    Frustrate his desires.
    Let him understand the weird.
    Add indecent dreams.

    I wrote my Master’s thesis on Lovecraft and the Necronomicon. It being October, this seemed to be an interesting use of the words, although I would have preferred “Add some eldritch dreams” instead of “Add indecent dreams”. *shrug* We work with what we’re given.

    (I think part of the problem with my blog might be that I added my thesis last week. We’ll see this weekend.)

  29. BabbleAmble Says:


  30. Asleep On My Feet Says:

    Super late, I suppose, but here is my effort anyway!

  31. Belleafriq Says:

    Here is my poem I hope you all like it


  32. Bernard S. Jansen Says:

    What’s with these “PRATS” messages that keep popping up everywhere?

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