This is the 181st edition of 3WW. I did some research and since the beginning to now – nearly 31/2 years – a word beginning with X has never been used. Only two words beginning with Y and one beginning with Z. No love for the alphabet caboose. So here’s your X, Y & Z fix:

(Just kidding.)



44 Responses to “3WW CLXXXI”

  1. anthonynorth Says:

    You’ll find mine here:



    and I am here


  3. Americanising Desi Says:

    and I am here


  4. Gemma Says:

    Here is mine for this week! And Happy St Patrick’s Day!


  5. Rinkly Rimes Says:


    Mine is a bit over the top I’m afraid!

  6. thommyg Says:

    I think I need a vacation.


  7. Andy Sewina Says:

    A NaiSaiKu and some.. Thanks Thom!


  8. Leo Says:

    Muse Asleep

    and it really does seem to be.. sigh..

  9. Julie Jordan Scott Says:

    My offering today….

    Not Anymore

  10. Anonymously Secret Says:

    Here’s mine for this week:


  11. Lilibeth Says:

    I took this picture in my back yard…my daughter does sculpture and this is one of her works that fell…almost broke her toe and ended up in my flowerbed. It gives flavor to my oh so American yard.

  12. BlueMist Says:

    Chasing dreams; hopes; life


  13. Angel Says:

    Here’s mine for the week. These words were almost too easy for me…lol You know, cause I kill people all the time in my stories.


  14. Sepiru Chris Says:

    Hello, Here’s my partially annotated 3WW3 for this week.Tschuess, Sepiru Chris

  15. gautami tripathy Says:

    I parachuted out of this:


  16. Jay Thurston Says:


    I missed last week’s opportunity, so I made this a 6 word Wednesday.

    For the Irish holiday, I went with Italian history. Caesar isn’t green, but his salad sure is. πŸ˜‰

  17. Carina Says:

    My very first little Three Word Wednesday.


  18. larry Says:

    Thanks Thom I loved the three words for todays challenge
    hope everybody is having a great day today I’m posted just follow the link below and enjoy.


    Larry @”This Blog Of Mine”

  19. Tiel Aisha Ansari Says:

    Could be Bombings

  20. Richard Wells Says:

    Hey gang, long time no see!

    Might As Well Get Juiced – goofing with the rolling stones

  21. Just Someone Says:

    Didnt show?

  22. Amity Says:

    Hello everyone….

    This is my second week here and I wish to continue enjoying my stay here….

    Here is mine this time…..

    Even Just For A Moment



  23. Kitty Says:

    The word “weary” reminded me of the first line of “The Raven”. So here’s my take on it:


    PS Bring on the XYZ words Thom – we can take it.

  24. Stan Ski Says:

    Here we go: http://says-sir-ten.blogspot.com/2010/03/pulse-shard-weary.html

  25. Susan Sonnen Says:


  26. lissa Says:

    here’s my take on 3ww:


  27. Jay Thurston Says:


    Thank you Thom for letting me know there was a malfunction with the link I posted above. Hopefully this will work instead.

  28. b Says:



  29. Tumblewords Says:


    NaiSaiKu for 3WW

  30. CJT Says:

    Wow, look its been freaking forever since I’ve done a 3WW and I was almost too late to get it in, so a little out of it here goes… Hope you enjoy!

    Please Tell Me it’s Just the Drugs

  31. Dorothy Says:

    I’m trying 3WW for the first time. A friend of mine has been encouaging me to join. I’ve posted The Well.


  32. Ann (bunnygirl) Says:

    Here you go. Another one in the Steal Tomorrow series: http://stealtomorrow.blogspot.com/2010/03/flash-fiction-extra-scavaged.html

  33. Thomma Lyn Says:

    I’m late with this, but here it is! Thanks, Thom. πŸ™‚


  34. TD Says:

    Here’s mine…


  35. SuperMom Says:

    My first try at 3WWW

  36. Daily Panic Says:


  37. Purple Houses Says:

    Here’s mine, a little late.


  38. zouxzoux Says:

    I hope you all won’t mind that I’ve posted a poem based on the prompt of March 3 instead of today’s prompt. My explanation prefaces the poem.


  39. peggy Says:

    It’s been a few weeks but this week my imagination finally came back from vacation and decided to work the three words into a story.

  40. Thoughts Have Wings » Night Wings – Arkin’s Story Says:

    […] Three Word Wednesday : weary, shard, pulse […]

  41. Asakuun Draconis Says:

    Here is my Three-Word-Wednesday Piece:

    “Pulse is steady,” the nurse said. I sighed in relief – it was an amazing feat to still be alive after that shard of glass so near a person’s heart. Because I had not slept at all last night fearing for my sister’s life, my arms were leaden and sore. I could not feel my legs. My entire body was tired, and my weary face showed that the most.

  42. Irene Says:

    pulse of a heart

  43. Cynthia Says:

    a evocative set of words – my little number is here ~


  44. pieceofpie Says:

    haha…love the sense the humor…keep it coming thommyg…. gallop gone gonna hafta come back to visit others….

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